Thursday, October 4, 2012

Big girl changes

So in less than two weeks Avery went from bottles, formula, no table food (except cheerios) and no sippies to no bottles, only milk, hates purees, only sippies and only table foods.

She loves
chicken fingers
fish sticks
blueberry muffins
cottage cheese
mashed potatoes
grilled cheese

She is not into pasta, which is weird.  She is also still wary of anything that feels wet or not solid.  So fruit is not her thing right now, neither is pasta.

I would like to get more healthy with her options, but for now she is refusing those things.  So we will just keep on offering it.

She likes her milk and loves water!  She wants to drink out of a water bottle and is awful at it!!!!  She will let her mouth fill up and then let it all flow out!  But she thinks its funny!

It is just so crazy to see her change so much!!!!

She got croup on Saturday morning has been a bit clingy and fussy, but in terms of clingy it has been kind of nice.  She is a good hugger, but very independent and a mover, so there is very little snuggle time.

Otherwise she was a total trooper.

And today we are flying to Virginia to vacation with Mimi and Eddie and celebrate my brother and his soon to be wife at their wedding this weekend!

I probably won't post much since we will be out and about.

And I haven't posted and commented as much lately, since this is the second week of being full time in grad school.  I am a bit overwhelmed to say teh least!


  1. big girl! She looks so tall in that pic where she is standing..

  2. I've noticed that Aiden's eating habits are changing. He loves something like spaghetti and then will spit it out the next day. I've been struggling with getting him to eat veggies now. I'm guessing it's just a phase?
    Enjoy your vacation, it will be so nice for a break. Grad school is hard, but totally worth it when you are done! You can do it and I'm sure you will adjust to your new work load soon.

  3. Wow - she's getting so big! Love the pics! And I'm always fascinated by what other babies are eating. Alex won't let anyone feed her - she must shove it in her mouth herself!