Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What we are up to!

So as things with babies often do, we have had dramatic changes this week!

-On Monday night Avery went down at 8 and woke up at 5:45, only waking once (at 12:45).
-On Tuesday night she went down at 7:15 and woke up at 7:00.  She fussed at 9:45 and woke to eat once at 2:45.

This is AMAZING!!!!!  And I am starting to get used to her sleeping for longer stretches, the first night was great, but terrifying, I kept thinking she must not be alive, because she isn't waking up or crying.

THANK YOU H, Faith, and Calmly Chaotic for the let them go to sleep earlier advice!!!!!

Avery still loves bathtime, so much that she happily blows bubbles while in there!!!
(Look at that cute little cowlick sp?)

She loves it when Daddy snuggles her and keeps her warm after the bath!

She is now wearing some 3-6 month clothes, she is just too dang long for anything footed that is 0-3 and even some 0-3 pants.  Here she is in her 3-6 month jeggings!!!!

And here is a close up of this adorable hat, thanks Sarah!!!!  Unfortunately, she hates hats (as you can see, she isn't great at hiding her true feelings)!

Other than that, here are some things that are going on . . . .
-she has been having solid poops, easier to clean up, yes; but painful for her.  We are adding .25 teaspoons to four of her feedings a day to help this out.
-she is still spitting up a decent amount, but since she is gaining weight like a champ the doctor is not worried.
-Ray and I don't know what to do with our extra time in the evenings, it is nice to have some me time again.
-date night on Friday, my parents are taking her for the night, yay!  You better believe I will be drinking wine.
-she is just getting more and more personality, I love it. 


  1. Yay! So glad alli is going so well! Both of mine go to bed by 7:15 or so and really need that sleep. Keep it up! Addy JUST started waking up only once and even slept through the night two nights in a row! So you are doing better than I am, lol! So glad you are having fun with her - doesn't it just fly by??

  2. soooo glad to hear about her sleep progress!! i am almost tempted to try skipping our 10 pm feeding with the luck you are having! love the jeggings too!

  3. So great that she is sleeping longer- yay for you!!! she is adorable!

  4. Ahh those pics are too cute!! Well done with the sleeping! Yay!