Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thought Vomit Thursday is something I am a late bloomer on, I have been enjoying other people's posts, but haven't yet participated.

So here goes
-I love the holidays and I am obsessed with Christmas music, but does it seem as though it started playing really early this year?  My favorite station was playing it November 1, WTF?
-I am taking the Friday after Thanksgiving off.  Most people have this day off, but since my first job was in retail and Ray has to work the day after (he is in banking) I have always just worked it.  I decided to take it off this year, because we are going to cut down a real tree and this will be Avery's first Christmas tradition!
-I don't think I am going to put up decorations this year, I love them, but it takes awhile and the times that I could do it are the times I normally reserve for giving Avery all of our attention.  I know it's a cop out, but I feel a little lazy this year and she won't know the difference.
-So I bought the fancy Angel.Care monitor that alerts you when the baby isn't breathing . . . it is not worth it.  We haven't even turned the sensor on, we are just using the sound monitoring part.  What a waste.
-I miss taking Avery for walks.
-Should I take her to get pictures taken with Santa?
-I LOVE the Amazon list feature, it is so handy for creating your wish list for Christmas!!!!
-One thing I will be doing this season is my tradition of drinking wine, watching my favorite Christmas movies (Love Actually, Home Alone, and Bad Santa), and wrapping presents!

As you can tell Avery and Christmas are pretty much monopolizing my brain!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I can't believe Christmas is almost here!

  2. Ok, let's see...

    Yes, Christmas music came on insanely early this year!
    I didn't decorate much last year - Jax was only 4 months old. Just a tree of course. THIS year I'm only doing the tree because 2 mobile babies+ christmas decorations = disaster. The tree will not even be decorated on the bottom half, lol!
    I also bought the Angel Care monitor for Addy and promptly returned it - the sensor never worked right for us.
    I love living in AZ - we get to go for walks still during the winter:).
    I say do a picture with Santa because next year she may be in the "terrified toddler" stage and I absolutely hate it when people force their kids to do that when they are terrified - I'm just sayin'!
    I love that tradition - I'm totally gonna do it for myself this year:)!
    So, there you go, my TVT in reply form, lol!