Monday, November 21, 2011

2 Months

Avery is doing so great, here are some new things she is doing . .
she is "talking" lots of coos and squeals, it is sooo cute
she is doing better with entertaining herself now
she loves car rides
she loves to watch sports on tv (the tv interests her, but she is enthralled when sports are on)
she loves facing forward in her carrier

Avery's firsts . . . .
skyping with mimi and Eddie
sleeping through the night

Lessons learned
she needs to have a schedule, she gets a little cranky when we are off schedule

She is 11 adn one half pounds (70%) 22 and three quarters inches long (70%) and her head is 75%.  So she is my big chunky baby!!!!!!
She is still eating 4-5 ounces every four hours.  She is still spitting up a lot.  I am going to ask the doctor about that, since it is worrying me a little bit.

She still sleeps about the same . . .
goes down at 10, wakes up at 2 to eat and wakes up at 6 to eat.  Sometimes she gets up and fusses in between, but that is happening less and less.  She loves the mobile.

She did sleep through the night once.  She went down at 10 and slept until 4.  It was amazing, I actually woke up worried about her.  But she was fine.  How funny that she did it on the night of her 2 month birthday!

She has done great with her babysitters.  She has a great time with Cory, who is the son of my friend who watches her on Tuesday and Thursday.  He is one year older than her and he is so cute with her.  He holds her hand and reads her books!!

She still gets pretty fussy in the evenings, when does that start to die down?  And is there anything we can do to help it?



  1. in regards to the spit up....sometimes it is caused by eating too much. try to slow down her eating (buy slower nipples to make her work more which in return could cause her to eat less, or even stop and burp her more often in the middle of eating ( I burp every .5-1 oz). Dont lay her on her back for 15-20 mins after feeding, and also, Gripe water has been known to help w/ spit up/hiccups. if these don't work, have you tried the formula for spit up yet?
    As for the fussy evening...this is what all my experienced moms call "the witching hour" and it just happens....stops at different times for differnt babies. Ava is WIDE awake and gets pissed if someone isn't paying attention to her between 7 and 9 pm! lol....demanding @ 1 month old already:-) lol
    hope this helps a little bit:-)

  2. She is so sweet!! Emily's worst time of is at night, I think its just normal and they grow out of it after a few months.

  3. my girls love tv... which i think is bad but i am choosing to not worry about it at this point.

    as for fussing in the evening... put her to bed way earlier... i know i know you want to spend time with her but once we started putting ours down at 6pm, good bye fussing. ours sleep 6 pm to 10 pm (we wake them if they don't), we feed them then they wake at 4:45 am ish, we feed them and then they wake around 7 am... awesomeness.

  4. Oh she's so very cute! I love hearing about her milestones - amazing how much more she can do than my 3 week old!

  5. She's so adorable. I'm so glad to hear that everything is still going well!

  6. Awwwww!!! She is sooo cute! What a big girl!