Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2 Weeks Old

Today is Avery's 2 week birthday!  She has changed and grown a lot in just two weeks.  In some ways it has gone by so fast and in some ways it seems like forever ago I was pregnant.

Avery is now 8 pounds.  So she is 10 ounces more than her birth weight.  The doctor was shocked because in one week she gained 15 ounces!!!  We knew she would have gained a decent amount since she is eating like crazy.

She is eating between 9 and 11 times a day and eating about 2-3 ounces per feeding.  She is eating 60% bre.astmilk (pumped) and 40% formula.  After thinking it through we decided to stop nursing but continue to pump so she could get the milk for the time I am on leave.  At that point I will reevaluate, but I am pretty sure she will go to a formula only baby.  I wish we could have mastered nursing, but I just don't have it in me to fight through all of our obstacles.  I am just happy I tried and that she will be getting milk for about 6 weeks.

Overall Avery is such a great happy baby.  She loves to cuddle and absolutely prefers to sleep on daddy and I.  She likes car rides and stroller rides.  She has gotten better at not freaking out when we change her diaper.  She still loves her paci! 

Our dog Sobe, has been so funny with Avery.  If Avery is crying Sobe will go and stand near her and lick her.She is very protective and if one of the cats gets too close, she will go stand near Avery until they walk away.  We knew Sobe would be great with Avery when she gets older, but didn't expect this!

Avery is still not sleeping more than 2 hours at a time, but she is getting better at night at actually sleeping.

Avery's only real "issue" is her gassiness.  She can get really upset for up to two hours after a feeding.  We work really hard to burp her well and have Dr. Brown's bottles, but she still sometimes gets uncomfortable and I feel so bad for her. 

As for my recovery, I am doing well.  I have a lot more energy and at 9 days I was at my pre pregnancy weight, so that went well.  My biggest side effect is my hormones.  I cry at least twice a day.  Sometimes it is because I am overwhelmed, sometimes because I am overly tired.  Sometimes they are happy tears, and sometimes they are guilty tears.  The guilty tears come from feeling bad that I don't know how to help her when she is upset and they also are from times when I don't feel like I love her as much as I think I should.  I do love her and I am so grateful to have her, but I didn't immediately fall in love or anything, my love is more of something that is evolving each day.

I am looking forward to going to the zoo this weekend.  We are going with friends and going during their Halloween celebration.  Avery is going to be a strawberry!!!

Best moment of the week was seeing Ray with her.  It's so cool to see your husband as such a great father!


  1. Sounds like Avery is doing so well - and SO ARE YOU! I felt the same way about Addy - I did not feel like I loved her as much as I should at first, just like you said. I was SO tired and SO overwhelmed. As her personality developed, as I got into a routine with her, we became closer and closer. Now, at 7 months old, she is my princess, I adore her and life is good. Hang in there. The hormones will ease off soon;). You're doing GREAT!

  2. Glad she has gained so much weight and that you are feeling good and at your pre-pregnancy weight! Sounds like you figured out what is going to work best for you as far as breastfeeding goes and honestly, you are a wonderful mom for doing what's best for you and your baby!

  3. Sounds like you are doing great! Just take everything one day at a time- and remind me to do the same after my little one comes!

  4. It sounds like things are going really well so far. Congrats on already hitting your pre-pregnancy weight - that's awesome!