Thursday, October 20, 2011

1 Month!

This has been a great week . . we are starting to figure things out and get more comfortable with parenthood.

Avery is doing so great, here are some new things she is doing . .
making all kinds of crazy funny faces
she is now really focusing on things, specifically faces
she can follow things with her eyes
her neck is just getting stronger and stronger and she is really holding it up a lot
she loves to hold her head up to look up at you while she is burping, it is soooo cute
she hated the baby sling carrier thing, but loves the Baby Go one

Avery's firsts . . . .
first bath
first book read to her (Are You My Mother?)
first birthday party attended, Jace

Lessons learned
not all cries are for food, and so babies just always suck on their hands, hungry or not
do not shake the bottle to mix the formula, stir it, less air and gas for the baby
there is an "I'm bored" cry

I am not sure what size she is, her next doctor's appointment is Nov 2.  I will post then, but I bet by the time we have that appointment she will be 22 inches long and 9.5 to 10 pounds.

She is still wearing newborn clothes and diapers, but is going to be out of those soon.

As for eating, Jean (my stepmom) took her on Friday (because I had the flu) and only fed her every four hours.  Ray and I had been feeding her every 2 to 3 hours.  The reason for the excessive feedings is due to us thinking every cry was a hungry one.  She now that we have finally figured that out, she is eating every 4 hours (4 ounces each time).  It is AMAZING!!!!!!  Eating less often also helps with her gas issues a little bit.

Also, as of last Monday I stopped pumping.  I was having a hard time finding the time to pump, so my supply went down, I got plugged milk ducts (seriously painful) and I was just over it.  I know that sounds awful, but she had taken to formula and it just wasn't worth it anymore.  Also I got the flu, so that really sealed the deal.  I also realized during this past month that pumping at work would not be an option.  I was so naive as to how much time it would take.  My advice to anyone planning on BFing, be prepared, this is soooo hard.  I don't know that I would have made it any longer if I had prepared, but I know I would have been less frustrated if I knew what to expect.  I have so much respect for moms who can get over the initial difficulties I couldn't, but I also respect the moms who tried and it just didn't work for them/baby.

She is still spitting up but nothing abnormal.  She isn't having the same stomach pains she used to though.  The only times we know that she is gassy is when she will wake up from sleeping to poop or fart and then go back to sleep.  It is so funny, we never know if she is waking up because she isn't tired or if it is to poop/fart.When she farts it is loud too, it cracks me up that something so little can fart so loud and so often!

As for sleep, we typically feed her at 9:00pm, which leaves us feeding her at about 1 and 5.  She sleeps pretty well in the times in between there.  She will have periods of time where she whimpers and fusses a bit, but nothing awful.  We are so grateful for this and I feel like a new person with this improvement.  She still sleeps quite a bit during the day, especially in the morning.

Our next challenge pertaining to sleep is getting her to sleep in her crib.  This could be a huge undertaking as she has never slept anywhere but on us or in her boppy.  During the day, she is a bit more flexible and will sleep in her bouncer or swing, but never her pack n play or crib.  We are going to start trying this on Friday, wish us luck!

Also we learned that she loves it when you sing to her.  She does not like it when we change her clothes.  And in the last week she has gotten a strawberry on the right side of her abdomen near her ribs.

What kinds of things do you do with your baby during playtime?



  1. Awwwwww! Love the pics! I can't believe she is one month old already. She is beautiful :)

  2. I can't believe its been one month already!! She is just beautiful!!

  3. Wow, time is really flying. I'm so glad to hearing things are going well - good luck with working on moving her to the crib too. Love the pictures - she's adorable!

  4. Oh my gosh, she is SO adorable! Sounds like she is doing well and you are adjusting well - it takes time. I didn't really settle into anything with Addy until she was about 3 months old. Give yourself time, try not to worry about doing everything right;). time at one month is all about YOU and your beautiful face! Infants at this age are learning familiar faces and prefer faces and voices over any other stimulus. Funny noises, smiles, talking, etc. That's all it takes to make one happy baby;). Keep having fun with your baby girl:)!

  5. Oh wow - one month already? She's so very cute! I love the last picture of her in her boppy - so adorable... Good luck with moving her to her crib!

  6. She is adorable! And you've learned so much in just one month - it gives me hope that some instinct kicks in and helps you figure it all out!

  7. She's so beautiful Kalyn! Sounds like you guys are settling in ;) Thanks for the not shaking the formula tip, too. I've never heard that, and pretty sure I've shaken the bottle every time I've babysat a teeny one (Which used to be 5-days a week, lol). Oops! Glad to know now!