Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Nursery

 Our nursery is a very small room, so we had to get a little creative with the placement of furniture, but here it is!!

This is the crib, the glider, and the tree decal!!!  Look closely and you can see that the birds and the nest are the accent color of key lime green.

The paint color is Laura Ashley's lilac silk.

This is our dresser and the tree from my work shower!
 Here is our changing table and the canvas squares with fabric that Ray and I made.
 Here is our closet, I love it, because it is soo organized.  Also, note all of the diapers.  Thanks to Ray's friends for coming to his diaper shower (beer and wings at BW's) and bringing all of these!!!
 I love this rug, I just think it brings everything together.  Look closely and you will see that it is textured in the shape of leaves.  And our puppy just had to be in the picture.  Isn't she cute???
 Here is our tub stuff.  We have the mat, the organizer, the toys and our Sink Snuggler.  It's great, it hangs out to dry, and Velcros into a tub!
 And just because I love our stroller, I am putting this pic in.  We have the E.ddie Sinclair travel system!  Sobe loves it too!

I am so happy we are done!!!!  This nursery is exactly what I had in my mind, I had this in my head before I was even pregnant.  Thanks goodness this is a girl, because I had no idea what I would have done for a boy!!!


  1. It looks so awesome! I absolutely love the tree decal with the nest! Super cute! Now, all you need is Avery to hurry up and get here! :-)

  2. It looks very pretty! I've been looking at a decal like that for ours too--I love them.

  3. Looks beautiful! Looks like you are more prepared now than I am, lol! Addy's nursery wasn't up until she was 4 months old, lol! And Jackson's walls were a beautiful lilac as well - because he was supposed to be a girl too;). Luckily, we moved and he no longer has to have those walls, lol! I am so excited for you - can't wait to see pictures of Avery in her beautiful nursery!

  4. It looks perfect! Now all it needs is a baby :)

  5. BEAUTIFUL! I love the wall color - so adorable!!

    I just caught up on your last post... I had that joint pain in my hands/fingers, too!! I never really figured out why and what it was caused from, but I would wake up every morning and not be able to clench a fist or move my fingers because they ached so bad. I never asked anyone about it, but sounds like you have the same thing. Mine stayed with me post-delivery and about 2 weeks after delivery, it gradually went away and now it's completely gone. Hopefully yours goes away soon after Avery arrives!

    Hugs to you... looking forward to good news SOON!

  6. What a fabulous nursery! I love the colors and the decals - very cool! And your pup is so cute!!!