Wednesday, September 28, 2011

40 Weeks/ 1 Week Old

How Far Along? Yesterday would have been my due date, but it was Avery's 1 week birthday!

Maternity Clothes? Heck yes, my tummy is sore and still sticking out.

Weight Gain? As of my due date/one week after giving birth I am 1 pound over my pre pregnancy weight.  This is when I am thankful for all the vomiting.  This was a wake up call for me, I need to be more conscious of eating.  I have been so busy with her, that I forget to eat (I have never had that happen).

Stretch Marks? Yes, but they aren't that bad and she is worth every one.

Sleep? Honestly, I have been pretty lucky on this front, between her being a great baby (most nights) and Ray I have been getting a total of about 5 hours a night and a two hour nap during the day.  Oddly I have been sleeping better with a newborn than as a pregnant person!!

Best Moment of the Week?  Meeting my baby.

Weirdest Comment:  Nothing.  I guess it was weird that my doctor reported the wrong date to my insurance company for delivery.  That is a little concerning.

Movement? She is a wiggler, her neck is so strong, even the doctor was surprised and made a comment about it.  It does sometimes make it hard to burp her.

What I miss? I had a glass of sangria and I am just not feeling the alcohol right now.  I thought about all the types of fruity girly drinks I missed while pregnant, but have no desire to drink any of them now.

Symptoms: It is absolutely amazing the changes your body makes in just one week.  All of my skin issues have disappeared completely.  My hips and hand soreness is also gone.  I don't have to pee constantly and I sleep well now.  As for my new recovery symptoms, I have to say they are worse than I thought they would be.  Now that might be due to my muscles being so weak after 9 weeks of bed rest, but I would rather go through labor again than the recovery!  The only other thing I should mention is how emotional I am.  I will cry twice a day.  It's funny, I didn't think I would have this issue, since I wasn't all that emotional when pregnant, but wow it hit me!!!

What I'm looking forward to? I am looking forward to spending time with Avery and doing all the firsts together!!!  I will do another post about all of the firsts so far!

Weekly Wisdom:  Be prepared for your recovery.  Even an easy vaginal birth takes a lot out of you.  And rely on your husband as much as you can for the first few days.

Milestones: Tons, I will put in another post!

Emotions: Super emotional.  There are so many things you have to do when you have a baby (insurance, Dr. Appt, thank you notes, etc) I really struggle with taking the time to just hang with her and forget about the other crap that can wait.

 Little miss at 1 week!  How crazy that her stuffed animal is bigger than her!!
 I just wanted to document my stomach at week 1. 


  1. YOU LOOK AMAZING! Avery is just perfect! I also haven't been feeling alcohol either and was SHOCKED at how hard recovery after birth really is! Most people and books I read really didn't talk much about it so I was totally unprepared! That's awesome that Avery is letting you guys get that much sleep at night! Since Aiden hit 2 weeks, he has been up and really angry at night! Hopefully she will continue to be an awesome, relaxed baby!

  2. I love how tiny she looks with her stuffed animal :)

    So glad to hear that things are going well so far.

  3. So glad to hear she's sleeping so well, and everything is going so well! You look amazing!!!