Tuesday, September 6, 2011

37 Weeks

How Far Along? 37 weeks, full term!!!!!

Maternity Clothes? I am so happy it has finally cooled down, I was getting tired of my summer maternity clothes, I felt like I was just wearing the same thing over and over and over.

Weight Gain? I lost 1 pound even though.I have been really hungry . . . .I thought maybe she's having a growth spurt, or maybe now that she isn't squishing my stomach I am now starving!!  So we are at a total of 17 pounds gained.

Stretch Marks? Oh yes, and they are getting bigger.  I don't think there are new ones, just growing.

Sleep? Still going pretty well, who would have thought it has gotten better?  My only two big issues are that I think I am getting carpal tunnel/arthritis in my hands.  They are so achy and I can't bend them or make a tight fist for at least a few hours after I wake up.  The other thing is that sometimes I wake up to go to the bathroom, and then can't go back to sleep, but that's just annoying, not painful!!!

Best Moment of the Week?  Returning the doubles of things from the registry and buying everything that was left on the registry that we need.  It feels so good to have everything (or at least have it on the way).  We are ready for this baby, minus having the car seat installed by a certified person.

Weirdest Comment:  Nothing weird, but there was a guy coming into our favorite Mexican restaurant as we were leaving.  And he said. . . . . after this food, you may be having that baby tonight! 

Movement? Yes she is moving a lot.  I have said this before, but I am so grateful she moves so much, it makes me so much less nervous (or you could also call it neurotic).

Gender? Girl, Avery!

What I miss? Nothing really, I am feeling pretty good!

Symptoms: Constant peeing and soreness.  I am also feeling lots of pressure now that she has dropped.  The carpal tunnel/arthritis I talked about above.  And I have been having lots of contractions, but nothing painful so no need to even time them.  Lastly, I have had some headaches off and on and felt weird.  So we have been checking my blood pressure either everyday or every other day.  Monday's was nearing "the bad place" . . . 136/86.  My doctor told me as long as it is under 140/90 I am ok.  I know that she is the doctor, but I think that seems pretty high considering mine is normally 90/60.

What I'm looking forward to? I am looking forward to my appointment tomorrow to see if these contractions have changed anything.  And I am looking forward to meeting Avery.  I am so grateful that we made it to full term and that I have gotten to experience pregnancy, but I am now ready for it to be over.

Weekly Wisdom:  If you can time your pregnancy, plan it around the summer.  60 degrees feels sooooooo much better than 90 degrees, especially when you are super pregnant!!

Milestones: Full term and the nursery is done.  I will do a separate post for that!

Emotions: I did have a breakdown this past week, I got really upset about my blood pressure.  I am not someone who goes to the doctor for everything, but when I am responsible for someone else, I become nervous stressed and crazy.  I have felt throughout this pregnancy that I have no idea what I am doing.  I get nervous that I could be hurting her by not going to the doctor, then I get nervous I am being dramatic.  It is wearing me out.  Does anyone else feel this way?



  1. How amazing that you have made it to full term!! You look great, as usual! I have mental breakdowns all the time, worrying about what I'm doing and whether or not I should be calling the doctor or not. Best of luck in the next few weeks. It won't be long now--YAY!!

  2. 37 weeks, we are almost there! I have also been a nervous wreck, especially at over my weight and blood pressure too. Every appointment I'm just convinced that they will both skyrocket and I'll have to be delivered earlier than we planned...I think we are normal, especially towards the end waiting for our babies to arrive!

  3. Yay for full term! I'm sorry about the carpal tunnel...sounds annoying and painful. But hey, at least you look great!! :)

  4. Woohoo - 37 weeks!!! So happy for you!