Thursday, September 1, 2011

36 Week Appointment

Here are the basic stats

BP 118/75
Avery's HR 150's
Protein in Urine
Group B Strep Results Negative
Dilated 1 cm still
Effaced at 75%

So there was some good news and some iffy news.

They were happy about the weight so far, and that she is still a mover.  Also her heartrate is very consistent, so that is great!

I was worried about my blood pressure.  I had just told Ray before I went back that I was feeling weird.  I couldn't really explain it any other way . . .just didn't feel right.  So when they told me my BP, I knew that was what it was.

I am normally 90/60 and last week I went up to 100/70.  But they weren't worried about that.  This week it was high enough that she had me lay on my side for 10 minutes before checking it again and it was the same.

So she told me to make sure I pay attention to her movement, my headaches, if I get blurry vision and if I just feel weird again.

I am hoping that this was just a fluke thing and next week it will be back to normal, I absolutely don't want to be pre-eclamptic.

So that pretty much sums up the appointment.  One more week until full term and then I will breather a little easier!


  1. I hope this is a fluke thing! Oh you're getting so very close!!!

  2. Take it easy mama! I hope your bp goes back to normal!

  3. Make sure you rest, rest, rest! And about your last post - I am a planner, too! The waiting for both of my kids to make their "big debuts" was torture, lol! Hang in there, momma, you are almost to the best moment of your life:).

  4. Oh my gosh - you are getting SO CLOSE!! I am so excited for you - it could happen anytime! Hugs to you as you prepare for the next couple of weeks... Avery could be here anytime!