Friday, August 26, 2011

Work Baby Shower

I had a wonderful work shower yesterday!!!  It was thrown by four wonderful co-workers and they did such a good job!!!!

I wish someone had gotten a picture of the food, it was so pretty and delicious.  There was chocolate fountain with strawberries, Nutter Butters, marshmallows, pretzels, rice crispies, and wafers.  Sooo good.  And there was cake and Pringles (my new addiction).

Here are some pics . . . . .
 The diaper cake.  It had everything in there . . . .diapers, burp clothes, a fitted sheet, a blanket, pacifiers, a pacifier clip, socks, and a cute teddy bear!
 Another shot with the diaper cake and the gifts.
This was soo cute, it is a tree where people write advice on the leaves and hang them.  The advice was so nice and helpful!  And I am keeping the tree in the nursery as a decoration!!!!  It goes perfect with the decal!

Avery got so many wonderful things . . . . clothes, books, blankets, bibs, CDs, toys, bloomers, bows and headbands!!!  And also gift cards, who doesn't love those!!!!

Thank you everyone for everything, it was wonderful and fun to see everyone!


  1. Oh how fun! You have some great coworkers to throw you a party!

  2. What nice co-workers! So sweet of them to celebrate with you!