Saturday, August 6, 2011

How Ray has handled this pregnancy

This is about Ray and how wonderful he has been through this pregnancy.

In the beginning we celebrated just the two of us, deciding who to tell and how to do it.  We enjoyed the secret and we would laugh when I would come home and tell him about how someone would ask if I was pregnant, or we would plot how to hide that I wasn't drinking.

Then he would take care of everything I needed when I just couldn't stop getting sick.  He would go to the store and get whatever I would actually eat.  He would take care of the pets.  He wouldn't complain that I wouldn't even touch him for weeks at a time, because I was just trying to not get sick.

Then when the hematoma popped and I bled like crazy, he held me while I cried.  I could tell he was upset but he wanted to be strong for me.  He could not have handled that awful situation any better, even though he thought he was losing his baby too.

He was so happy when we found out if was a girl, he always said he just wanted a pro athlete, he didn't care which sex it was, but I really wasn't sure if that would be the case if we found out it was a girl.  But he seemed very excited.

As the weeks have gone one, he has changed towards me and the baby.  He has become very protective of me both physically and emotionally.  He is getting more and more comfortable with rubbing my belly and talking to Avery.  In the middle of the night he will roll over and rub my belly, even while he is asleep. 

And I know this is me just being emotional but the other day I knew for sure that he would be a great daddy to a little girl.  Two years ago we adopted our dog, Sobe.  She is a girl and a pit bull lab mix.  He adores her, but there really isn't a difference between how you treat a dog whether it is a boy or girl.  Anyways Sobe has a big head, but small neck, so we struggled for months to find a girlie collar for her.  We eventually gave up and she has this blah grey collar.  Well the other day Ray came home from grocery shopping and was sooo excited that he had found a pink collar for Sobe.  I had literally forgotten about ever getting her something else, but he was so happy to have gotten her a real girl collar.

Again, that may just be the emotions or the bed rest boredom speaking but it meant a lot to me.

I have the best husband and baby daddy ever!


  1. this made me smile- our husbands are the best!!

  2. How sweet! We do have the best husbands!

  3. That is such a nice tribute! It's wonderful you have someone so intuned and caring to be your child's father. Even they can't help but be more grateful to be able to finally become a parent.

  4. That's so amazing. Parenting is a difficult and life altering (in a good way) journey - it makes all the difference in the world when you are doing it with someone you love:).

  5. I'm always so happy to hear when other people have a great hubby too! I feel like you always hear the bad stories which is sad because there are so many amazing husbands and dads out there.

  6. He sounds amazing, you are very lucky!

  7. I love this post! Ray sounds like quite the daddy-to-be :) We are lucky ladies to have such great, supportive guys in our lives!