Wednesday, August 31, 2011

36 Weeks

How Far Along? 36 weeks!  9 months pregnant!

Maternity Clothes? That is all I can wear at this point!  Since I am on bed rest and don't get out much, I have been living in my robe!

Weight Gain? I gained 2 pounds . . . .I had a feeling I would, I was SOOO hungry last week!!!!  So all total 18 pounds gained!

Stretch Marks? And now we are in the double digits for stretch marks.  They are only about an inch long, but they are there and I am feeling pretty confident that they will grow as she continues to drop.

Sleep? It hasn't been bad.  I am waking up sore around 3 and have trouble getting back to sleep, but I will manage.  Mostly my back is hurting now, I have had pretty good luck with my hips lately, thank goodness, because I would rather have back pain than that hip pain!  Still no naps, I think this makes a big difference.

Best Moment of the Week?  My showers, I really enjoyed getting out of the house and seeing everyone!!!  Also, it makes me feel better that I now have most everything.  And the things I don't have I have listed out and we are going to get them this weekend.

Weirdest Comment:  Just a lot of surprised looks when I tell people I am not due for another month.  They all seem to think it is any minute now.  I think people just see anyone with a big belly and assume the woman is due any day now.  I think I probably was the same way!

Movement? Yep, still going strong!!!  She is a mover!!!  This is absolutely my favorite part of being pregnant.

Gender? Girl, Avery!

What I miss? Nothing really, I am feeling pretty good!

Symptoms: Constant peeing and soreness.  I am also feeling lots of pressure now that she has dropped.  I am also nesting.  Now this isn't the typical nesting (cleaning, I still can't really do that, too much bending, stretching, etc), but nesting in that I have to get certain tasks accomplished.  Today I did the laundry from the showers and put everything away.  I set up the bottle warmer and bottle drying rack.  I organized our changing table bins and disinfected the toys that have been handed down to us!  I all of the sudden have some decent amount of energy.

What I'm looking forward to? I am looking forward to this weekend and getting the last of what we need.  My goal is to have everyone (or to have ordered everything) by Sunday.  My mom thinks I am going to go into labor over Labor Day weekend, so having it wrapped up would be a huge relief.

Weekly Wisdom:  If you aren't sleeping well at night, maybe don't nap, it has helped me.

Milestones: 9 months, 36 weeks, only 1 week away from full term.  I am so grateful that I was able to go on bed rest to make sure that she comes out when she's ready, rather than too early.

Emotions: Starting to get anxious about her getting here, I would love to have a date.  I am such a planner and this is driving me crazy not to be able to plan it all out.



  1. 36 weeks - amazing! So happy for you!!! You look great - what a fabulous belly. That's so cool that you have almost everything ready, and you're able to spend some of this time at the end nesting and getting everything ready. Can't wait to see little Avery!!!

  2. I'm a planner too and I am READY NOW! :-) Glad to hear you are getting everything all set up and ready to go. I loved washing the clothes and folding them!

  3. So glad everything is still going well - and I think you look great!

  4. Oh you are so close! Hopefully she hangs in there for at least a couple more weeks.

    Lookin' good!

  5. I can't believe she is almost here!! Look at that awesome belly!