Wednesday, August 24, 2011

35 Week Doctor's Appointment

This is the first of my now weekly appointments.  It seems so weird to be at this point.  I remember wanting to go to the doctor more to hear the heartbeat!

Here are the stats
BP 110/70 (which is high for me, I hope this doesn't continue to climb)
Avery's HR 150
Avery's Weight, Dr. guesses around 5.5 pounds
Avery's Position Head down, butt sticking out to the left and legs and arms punching/kicking to the right!

I am  . . . .
Still 50% effaced
1cm dilated
And baby is in -2 position (in the birth canal, but not very far down)

I also got tested for Group-B Strep and will find out the results at the next appointment.

So still no idea when she will be here.  I am hoping for 37-38 week arrival.  That gives us 2 to 3 more weeks!!! 

I am praying I am not like my mother who was over 41 weeks with both kids and still had long labors!!!
Though, I doubt it will come to that, I think my doctor's office will induce at 39 weeks if it comes to that.

The next appointment is on Wednesday!


  1. Sounds like a good appointment! Only a few more weeks to go! Yipppeee!

  2. You're so close - how exciting!!!

  3. Yay! 35 weeks!! You are so close and Avery could be here anytime! I can't wait to hear the news :)