Tuesday, August 16, 2011

34 Weeks

How Far Along? 34 weeks! 

Maternity Clothes? That is all I can wear at this point!

Weight Gain? I am 2 pounds from last week.  So all total 16 pounds gained!

Stretch Marks? I think there are two small ones on the bottom of my belly, I can't see them, but Ray thinks that they are probably stretch marks.  I would believe it, I am starting to drop and there is a lot of pressure on the bottom part of my belly this week.

Sleep? Still bad.  I get up about 4 times a night to pee, but that isn't really bad, it is just the aches and pains.  And if I somehow get on my back in the middle of the night, I wake up and have a hard time breathing, she is getting heavy there.  I don't know how moms of multiples do it!!!

Best Moment of the Week?  Getting daycare nailed out 100%, we are SOOOO fortunate to have two great people taking care of Avery!!!!!  What a relief!

Weirdest Comment:  Nothing really. 

Movement? Yep, still going strong!!!  She is a mover!!!  This is absolutely my favorite part of being pregnant.

Gender? Girl, Avery!

What I miss? Sleeping on my back and waking up feeling like a 28 year old!  Yes, I know I have used this for three weeks now, but it hasn't changed!!!

Symptoms: Sleep and soreness and just being tired are the only major symptoms.  Also, constant peeing!

What I'm looking forward to? Meeting her soon!  We only have a few more weeks!!!!!  And my showers!  And I am getting a pregnancy massage on Saturday!!!

Weekly Wisdom:  Use the heating pad on the lowest setting and not for too long, but it makes such a difference on your sore back and hips!

Milestones: According to my doctor I just need to make it two more weeks and she will be happy.  Who knows, I may even make it longer!!!  When we went to the hospital 4 weeks ago I wasn't sure if we would make it to 34 weeks, thank goodness the bed rest is slowing these contractions down!

Emotions: Getting excited.  In that weird in between where you know a huge change is coming, but for now you have done everything you can to prepare?  It's weird but it will be only a few more weeks!!!



  1. Glad to hear things are going well - you are getting really close! Also, congrats on getting your day care all set up, I'm having the worst time with that so far.

  2. You are still looking amazing! I am waiting and waiting for our little guy to drop too...I am so ready to meet him!! Pretty soon we will both be mommies! I can't believe how fast it has gone. I really need to get motivated and pack my hospital bag sometime this week...Good for you for getting yours together!

  3. I so miss sleeping on my back!!! You look great- I can't believe your baby will be here soon!

  4. You have an adorable baby belly!! I'm glad to hear that things have slowed down with little Avery, as far as the contractions go.

  5. I wake up on my back A LOT and always think, "this can't be good," but it just happens.

    You look great! Can't wait til she's here!!

    ps - where are you getting a massage? I think I'm going to try Le Bliss.