Thursday, August 4, 2011

32 Weeks

How Far Along? 32 weeks!  Wow 8 months, that is crazy to me!

Maternity Clothes? That is all I can wear at this point!

Weight Gain? I lost .5 pounds last week.  So we are at a total of 15.5. 

Stretch Marks? I may have some new ones, but still none on my belly!

Sleep? Actually sleep is painful now.  Sleeping on my side is causing me to have sore hips and a sore lower back.  I feel like an old man when I get out of bed in the morning!  Even  my two body pillows don't help.  I thought I found a solution, but it only helps sometimes.  The best thing to do is sleep shorter nights and now that I am on bed rest I can take afternoon naps, which are the best sleep I get!!!

Best Moment of the Week?  Having the contractions calm down.  I still get them, but much less frequently.  I still have one or two times a day that I will get 5-10 in an hour, but I take my medicine and they calm down.

Weirdest Comment:  Nothing really.

Movement? Her movement has changed, I guess there is a lot less room in there, because mostly I only feel little jabs and when she rolls or twists around.  Though sometimes she punches me in this one spot and I don't know what organ is there, but whew that actually hurts!!!

Gender? Girl, Avery!

What I miss? Sleeping on my back and waking up feeling like a 28 year old!

Symptoms: The big ones are the sleep stuff.  Skin is still not great.  Otherwise doing pretty good!!!!

What I'm looking forward to? And of course vaca is a no go, but Ray and I are taking Thursday and Friday off together to just relax and spend some time together.
I am also looking forward to the Dr appointment tomorrow, for two reasons . . .
1. I want to ask more questions about what is going on and see that I am not dilated or have gotten more effaced.
2. This will be my first trip out of the house in a week.  Seriously I haven't even gone outside (partially because it is too hot).

Weekly Wisdom:  Naps!!!!!!!!!!

Milestones: 8 months

Emotions: Getting excited.  Nervous to hear how things are going.  I am really hoping that I am not dilated and haven't gotten more effaced.  I want to know where this is headed, am I am going to have a baby really early?  Are things a lot better now?  And relieved that the BH contractions have really slowed down.



  1. Good luck with your appointment tomorrow- I'll be thinking of you!

  2. You look so cute!!! Hope your appointment goes well tomorrow! :-)

  3. I can't believe 8 mos!! You look great, as always. I hope you have a good appt.

  4. Yay for naps! Best invention ever... So glad to hear your contractions are slowing down. Good luck at your appointment!

  5. I am blown away that you are 8 months! I remember when you were still trying! What a cute bump it is too!

    Good luck and I will pray your little girl stays put!