Friday, July 15, 2011

Stop Wishing Time Away

I am such a forward thinking person in terms of time and planning.  I am always thinking about what next big thing is coming up.  After I got engaged I focused on the wedding, after the wedding I focused on buying the house, after the house I focused on (and then obsessed) about getting pregnant.

Now that I am pregnant, I just can't wait to have the baby.  But I realized something this morning, I just need to sit back and enjoy things the way they are for the moment.

I need to not look at this like 10 or so weeks before I meet my little girl, I need to look at it as 10 or so weeks to truly enjoy my life the way it is now.  Specifically enjoy spending time with my husband.

So I have decided I am going to make a list of things that will be difficult or that will happen less often once Avery is here and make sure we do those things more in the next few weeks!!!

Here is what I have so far
-go to the movies
-sleep in
-go to friends' houses (I don't think "going out" to bars and such is really appropriate at this point)
-do things right after work

Again, I know a baby won't stop these things entirely (well maybe except for the sleeping in), but they will just involve more planning or not be as frequent as they are now!

What are some things you would add to this list?

I am going to try to enjoy my next ten weeks rather than wish them away, but I still can't wait to meet my baby!


  1. I know how you feel!! I am so anxious to meet our baby and I am trying to enjoy everything instead of wishing time away. Great post!!

  2. Yes, I am like this too. And I tried REALLY hard to just treasure my pregnancy time. It is SO special and it is gone way too fast. Some days I look at Addison and just wish I could do the past year (pregnancy and her first five months) over again with her because it was all so sweet and it went by SO fast. Just hug that belly, talk to Avery, write to her in a journal if that's your thing, feel her kicks and smile, and do all the pregnancy stuff that will end when she gets here.

    As for things you can do, just notice when you guys decide you need a grocery item or something from Target that you can run out and get it - and enjoy that freedom. Because that will not be the case soon! You will get good at making lists for stores and getting A LOT done at once so you don't have to go out again! Do you like shopping? If so, stroll through your favorite stores at a leisurely pace - because that won't happen for awhile:). Every thing you do will revolve around nap and meal times. Well, it does for me because I ALLOW my kids' routines to rule our lives. Some people don't mind messing with their kids' routines and are more flexible. But I feel like life is SO much easier if you keep them on a routine...

    I will say this, once the baby is 2-3 months old, you will feel better about leaving her with someone for an hour or two (even hubby) and going to do what YOU want to do. It gets easier with every month they age. But, yeah, the sleep thing....just forget about that, lol!

  3. I will add going for walks/excersizing will be more difficult when our babies longer will it be just heading out, but instead we will have to plan out the times, load up carseat/find a sitter, etc... Also, cooking dinner just won't be the same for me. I love taking my time to make new foods, but I have a feeling I will be making things that are quick and easy or eating out lots when baby comes!

  4. I love this outlook. I think many of us are planners and it's so important to cherish the time you have. I know having children will be amazing, but there will be things we miss, so stock up! I would do things spontaneously. Go grab a random dinner with someone you haven't seen in a while or get a pedicure. Go shopping by yourself!

    I am taking your lead!

  5. Good for you! I often do the same thing - always wishing the next thing would hurry up. It's good to try to enjoy the present. :)

  6. This is a great perspective! You're absolutely right, we need to treasure this time before our babies get here, and enjoy the things we will miss! I plan to do some craft projects that I love to do, but will likely not have the time to do later.