Friday, July 29, 2011

A Doctor's Appointment and Bed Rest

On Wednesday I went in for my 31 week appointment.  It also doubled as my follow up appointment from Labor and Delivery.

The beginning went as it normally does.
Blood Pressure- 92/60
Weight is still good
Baby's heartbeat in the 140s

The doctor said we are measuring on track and the baby's head is pretty far down and her butt is sticking out to the left (she called her J-Lo)!

But then she checked my cervix and I am not dilated, but I am 50% effaced.  I was actually having BH contractions that morning (about 8 that hour).  So she put me on bed rest until my appointment the following week (Wednesday).

She also put me on Nifedipine, it is the generic version of the pill that helps to stop contractions.

I am still working 1/2 days, but I am doing it from the bed or recliner with my feet up. 

So as much as I love a plan, there isn't one right now.  I guess we go back on Wednesday and see what the doctor has to say.  I could go on bed rest for good, or things might have stopped progressing and I just need to take it easy?  Who knows.

I did get a little worried when she said if things have progressed next week, then we would have to do the steroid shot so that Avery's lungs can develop faster if she comes as early as it looks like she might.

I just don't know what to think.  My doctor's don't say too much but I don't know if that is because it isn't that big of a deal or if it is because they don't want to freak me out???

All I know is, we want to meet Avery, just not yet.  I am hoping for 38 weeks, but I will be happy if we can make it to 36 even.

So I am just hanging out on the couch filling my down time with Harry Potter movies and the book The Help.


  1. FX that the bed rest will do the trick, and little Avery will continue baking! 36 weeks sounds like a great and feasible goal! I really think the bed rest will help.


  2. I'm so sorry to hear this! I hope next Wednesday you get better news- take it easy and try not to worry. Stay in Avery!!!

  3. Just sit tight, REST and know that you are doing EVERYthing you can to keep little Avery cookin':). Bed rest is a wonderful thing and I have no doubt it will do the trick for her.

  4. Oh my goodness, how scary. I'm glad they are monitoring you closely and that you're able to work from home for a while. Hopefully staying off your feet will keep Avery in there at least a few more weeks!

  5. Try not to stress too much as these things can turn around quickly. I was dilated at 26 weeks, got the steroid shots and was on reduced activity until 34 weeks. Well I am past 36 weeks now, walking everywhere and they are still staying put!

  6. Wow how crazy....Keep putting your feet up and get lots of rest!

  7. Relax and keep on doing what you are doing. I am sure things will pan out and you can make it a few more weeks! I'll be thinking of you and baby girl and pray that you can make it to the finish line (or as close as possible).

  8. Hang in there mama! If steroid shots are what it takes to develop her lungs then we welcome them. Just take care of you and try not to stress...famous last words, I know, as my amnio fluid got low toward the end and I worried like crazy. Call your Dr if you have questions. Mine always welcomed them, as she said "if you're worrying, then we need to be talking" ;)

    Big Hugs and praying for her to stay nestled in for a few more weeks

  9. That sucks that you're on bedrest! I hope this is exactly what you need to keep that baby girl hanging out in your belly for a few more weeks! Great book - The Help - enjoy!