Tuesday, July 19, 2011

30 Weeks

How Far Along? 30 weeks!

Maternity Clothes? Absolutely, and I am so grateful that it is summer and I can wear flip flops to work, I am not sure if my regular shoes will fit my new Fred Flintstone feet.

Weight Gain? I gained another 1.5 pounds last week.  So we are at a total of 15.  I am feeling good about this and I am right on track for hitting my doctor's goal of 25.

Stretch Marks? Nothing new!  But I still check for them and I freak out when I see/feel something resembling a stretch mark, then it fades away and I realize that it was just lines from my clothes!

Sleep? Doing pretty good, I sleep really well for naps!!!!

Best Moment of the Week?  Getting some more things ordered for the nursery.  Just trying to get it wrapped up by 34 weeks (when I go on vacation).

Weirdest Comment:  You look like you are going to pop!  I got this from the cashier at Wal Mart.  Then she asked when I was due.  I think she was a little embarrassed by the fact that it is over two months from now.  I definitely let her feel embarrassed.  Though honestly, when people say that it doesn't bother me anymore, I am glad I am growing and I would rather be too big than too small.

Movement? She is starting to really put some force behind her punches and kicks.  Occasionally she will get me in some organ (not sure which) but I can tell she hit something important, because it takes my breathe away.

Gender? Girl, Avery!

What I miss? I do miss being able to get around the way I used to.  Getting in and out of our small sized SUV is starting to be difficult.

Symptoms: My skin is bad this week.  My back and knees are starting to ache.  And my feet are swelling, so are my fingers, I am now wearing the pearl ring Ray gave me as a wedding gift on my ring finger, as it is the only ring that fits without making me nervous about having to cut it off.  Also, my belly button is completely flat, the scar from my belly button ring (which I took out years ago) is starting to get really red and stretched.  It is so weird, because I used to have a major innie, I am wondering when it will pop out.  Lastly, I have been getting a lot of BH contractions, I am sure it's fine, but every once in awhile it makes me nervous.

What I'm looking forward to? My vacation in August, I hope the doctor will still clear me for it, it's in Florida (a 12 hour drive) in week 33/34.  She said ok for now, but that I have to check at each visit.

Weekly Wisdom:  Naps!!!!!!!!!!

Milestones: 30 weeks!  I feel like the next big one is 32 weeks, 8 months, wow!

Emotions: Getting excited.  And I can't believe she'll be here in 10 weeks or less!!!



  1. I can't believe you are 30 weeks!! You look great :)

  2. You look fabulous!!! So cute! I can hardly believe you are 30 weeks, amazing!

  3. Yay for 30 weeks and lookin' hot!

  4. You look amazing and JUST where you should be! Damn strangers at the store, lol! The symptoms can get overwhelming, but the minute she comes out, your body begins to feel normal again...and then in a couple of months, you'll miss being pregnant:). Hang in there!

  5. Wow you look great! That's so funny about your belly button - I have definitely noticed that it's getting flatter, and it used to be a huge innie! Weird... 10 weeks - amazing!

  6. Look at that baby grow!! Wow, I think you've grown a lot in the past couple weeks... baby Avery is getting bigger! You look fantastic :)

    So exciting that you're at 30 weeks... crazy that time flies so quickly and in 10 weeks, she'll be here!!

    So happy to hear everything's going well!