Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why Did I Do That

So please don't judge me, but I watch The S.ecret Life of the A.merican T.eenager.  It is sooooo bad it is good.  The acting, the writing, the story lines are all so ridiculous that they literally make me laugh out loud.

I knew I should have skipped last week's show, because the previews were pretty obvious in what was going to happen. 

But Adrianne, who is 36 or more weeks pregnant "feels weird" and goes to the hospital.  She thinks that the baby isn't moving because it is resting getting ready for delivery.  Again, why didn't I stop there?

I am stupid, and kept watching.  Well the obvious happened, the baby had passed.  They didn't go into a ton of details or what happened, but they did show everyone mourning.  I sobbed like a little girl.

I know nothing in pregnancy is 100%, but I was starting to feel somewhat secure that things were going to be good.  Now all I can say is thank God I have an active baby in there, every time she kicks I feel better.  I know I (probably) won't complain about her movements for the rest of this pregnancy, now that I view it as a sign that she is ok in there.

Side Note- I just had to document a weird dream I had . . . . I have had many during this pregnancy, but nothing like this.

I went through Labor and Delivery and everything went smoothly, until the birth and out came a kitten.  The other weird thing about this kitten was that it looked like a combination of my two homosexual cats . . . .Ray said it sounded like I was the surrogate for my cats.

Anyways, I just remember telling the Doctor that I wanted a baby and not a kitten.

Truly weird.


  1. I never once complained about Addison's movement, never once. I always smiled when she moved in there. I miss it very much actually. Being an infertile with 2 miscarriages, I absolutely needed the reassurance. And when she didn't move much, I immediately pulled out my doppler to check on her. And even had the doctor do a NST once! The worry is always there for those of us who had to work so hard - it's like we can't possibly believe our dreams could come true! But they can! And usually do! Hang in there and just enjoy your baby girl:).

    And I have no words for that dream, lol! Just too weird!

  2. I hate getting sucked into awful things like that - just horrible! And that dream - bizarre!

  3. No judgement on my part because I watch that show too. As I was watching, I kept thinking, "I should turn this off because it's not going to end well and I'm going to be paranoid for the next few months if I keep watching." But NO, I watched the whole thing and cried to the point of quiet sobs. I hate that show for doing that to me, but I assure you that I'll watch next week as well. And I totally hear ya on the weird dreams. I dreamt that my husband delivered our baby the other day. Strange pregnancy dreams.

  4. I've never seen that show but stories like that scare me so much. Dreams during pregnancy are totally bizzare- last night I had a dream that the Pope was blessing the birth of our baby- um what?