Tuesday, June 14, 2011

25 Weeks

How Far Along? 25 weeks

Maternity Clothes? I tried wearing a regular shirt today and it was just too short for the belly I am growing.  It fit fine everywhere else, but I think I am pretty much maternity from here on out!

Weight Gain? I gained 1.5 pounds last week.  Now I am 11.5 pounds total gained.  I am hoping that this 1.5 to 2.0 pounds per week stretch ends soon  I am not going to be able to stick to my 25 pound goal.

Stretch Marks? Not yet!

Sleep? I am doing better, but what I wouldn't give for 1 really good night of uninterrupted sleep!!!

Best Moment of the Week?  Every night Avery puts on a show and kicks and rolls and moves like crazy.  I really look forward to that!  Ray can't get over how much she moves in there!!!

Weirdest Comment:  Nothing weird.

Movement? She is moving more and more throughout the day.  I guess not more, but I think she is just getting so big that I can actually feel it more.

Gender? Girl, Avery!

What I miss? Nothing, doing pretty good this week.

Symptoms: My skin is bad again this week and I think it will stay that way, since we are going into the heat and humidity.
Sleeping has been tough.
My back is starting to ache.

What I'm looking forward to? Now that the paint is up, I am ready for the furniture to get put together and for things to start looking like a nursery.

Weekly Wisdom:  Put a pillow behind you as support.  I LOVE sleeping on my back and I miss it sooo much, I think it is part of why I don't sleep as well.  But if you put a pillow behind/under your back, so that you aren't laying flat on your back, it helps!!!!!

Milestones: We are going for a very simple nursery and all of the little girl bedding has patterns and polka dots and butterflies and flowers, which are all great, but don't go with our nursery.  I am soooo happy to have found a solid color crib bedding set and the color swatch came yesterday and it matches perfectly!!!!  I am really happy about that!!!

Emotions: I am sooo happy that the pregnancy problems seem to be behind me!!!!  But I am also a little feisty and impatient right now.  I am fine unless you tick me off.



  1. You are looking very cute!!! 25 weeks is an awesome mile marker! My back has been hurting the last couple weeks too and I went to the chiropractor twice last week and WOW what a difference it made! Maybe that would help?

  2. 25 weeks is great! I also love putting a pillow behind me to sort of sleep on although it's been so hot here lately (not that i'm complaining... i love the heat) but all of these pillows are making me sweat!

  3. So cute!! I love your belly!! Happy 25 weeks to you and Ray!

  4. Wow - 26 weeks! Very exciting!!! Oh, wouldn't a night of uninterrupted sleep be wonderful???

  5. Your little belly is adorable!! Mine is still beer gut-ish. Can't wait to pop a bit more like you have!

  6. I'm loving your adorable baby bump! I can't wait until I feel those movements more often. I'm praying for some sleep for you, even if it is just one night!