Tuesday, June 7, 2011

24 Weeks

How Far Along? 24 weeks, 6 months!!!! 

Maternity Clothes? All maternity or flowy tops.  Summer makes it easier to not have to wear maternity tops!  I have a few skirts that I am pretty sure will make it through this pregnancy, even though they are not maternity!

Weight Gain? I gained 1 pound last week.  Now I am right at 10 pounds gained total.  I was hoping that I would make it to 25 weeks at 10 pounds, but I don't think that will happen!
Stretch Marks? Not yet!

Sleep? I am not sleeping well through the night.  I just can't get comfortable.  And I am starting to have bad dreams.

Best Moment of the Week? Getting the room ready, we finally got it all cleaned out and now we are ready to paint (well Ray is).  The painting should be done by this weekend and then we can start putting together all of the furniture!
Also, I liked talking with Stacie about her and Candace's plans for my shower.  They are such great friends and crazy on top of it!!!
Weirdest Comment: Not weird, but worth recording . . . my friend's mom saw me for the first time since I have been pregnant and she made me turn around and said, you haven't gained weight anywhere but right in your bump!!!  Love her forever!
Movement? She moves at about  8, noon, and at night when I lay down.  She also reminds me when I need to snack by going crazy and after Gatorade!  What I am feeling has changed more from punches and kicks to more rolling and changing positions.  It is a weird feeling.  Also, she is getting lower, I don't know what part of her, but something is putting crazy pressure down there.  I thought it would be awhile before I felt that!!

Gender? Girl, Avery!

What I miss? Nothing, doing pretty good this week.

Symptoms: My skin is bad again this week and I think it will stay that way, since we are going into the heat and humidity.
Sleeping has been tough.
And I have hip pain, but otherwise, we are doing pretty good.
What I'm looking forward to? Paining, and setting things up.  I can't wait to see this room become what I have pictured in my head for awhile now!
Weekly Wisdom:  Apparently you can gently reposition your baby.  I was having tons of pressure and was told to gently shift the baby around, and crazy enough it did help.

Milestones: Moving forward (slowly) on the nursery!

Emotions: I am sooo happy that the pregnancy problems seem to be behind me!!!!  But I am also a little feisty and impatient right now.  I am fine unless you tick me off.



  1. Looking super cute as usual!! You are so lucky that you've only gained 10 pounds!! Sleep has been terrible for me too :(

  2. How cute are you! I love getting your updates - stuff to look forward to!

  3. You look adorable with your little bump! I'm glad things are going great and how exciting to be setting up your nursery!!