Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And her name is . . . .

Avery Rae Kasun!

I have always loved A names for little girls, but Ray never liked a single one.  So we have made many changes in the last few years.  For a long time we were going to name a girl Peyton, after my other true love Peyton Manning, but then remembered we live in Kentucky and thought about how that would sound with a heavy accent (which neither of us have, but the people she will grow up around do).  So we trashed that one.

We finally both loved the name Avery, here is what says about Avery
The meaning of the name Avery is Elf Ruler
The origin of the name Avery is English
Alternate spellings: Averie
Notes: A form of Aubrey. Avery Schreiber, comedian. James Avery, actor.

For her middle name, we are following family tradition.  The girl's middle name is the feminine version of her father's name.  So my middle name is Danielle and my Dad's name is Daniel.  Therefore, Avery's middle name is Rae.

Though this is tradition, I actually really think Avery Rae sounds good together, but let's be honest, how often do people ever really use their middle name?

So there you have it . . . . ARK.

And if it was a boy he would have been Camden Charles Kasun (after the first baseball park we ever went to and my grandfather).


  1. I LOVE the name Avery!! And I love Rae too- great name choice mom and dad!!

  2. Very cute name! You're right the only time they read whole names seems to be at graduation and I think her's will sound perfect :)

  3. Avery Rae is beautiful! I love it!

  4. Beautiful name! We still need middle names. The fact that you have yours already has inspired me to get thinking!

  5. Adorable! I love it! Avery Rae has such a lovely ring to it :) Can't wait until she's here!