Tuesday, May 31, 2011

23 Weeks and a Doctor's Appointment

How Far Along? 23 weeks

Maternity Clothes? All maternity or flowy tops.  Summer makes it easier to not have to wear maternity tops!

Weight Gain? I gained 2 pounds last week.  Now I am just under 9 pounds gained total.  I am starting to freak out a bit, since I have gained 4 pounds in 3 weeks.  But as long as I don't gain 2 pounds a week from here on out, I will be fine.

Stretch Marks? Not yet!

Sleep? I am not sleeping well through the night.  I just can't get comfortable.

Best Moment of the Week? Seeing her move!  Ray was across the room and he saw my stomach move (a particularly hard kick).  I thought feeling it was cool, but seeing it is even more mesmerizing.

Weirdest Comment: Noting crazy.

Movement? She moves at about  8, noon, and at night when I lay down.  She also reminds me when I need to snack by going crazy and after Gatorade!

Gender? Girl, Avery!

What I miss? Nothing, doing pretty good this week.

Symptoms: Well the sickness is back.  It is an almost every morning thing.  I am not sleeping all that great.  After working in the garage this weekend in the heat, I looked like Fred Flintstone with my swollen feet!!  And I get minor backaches. 
Lastly, I have been crazy mean impatient person (not all the time, but pray it doesn't sprout up with you).  I got very hateful with the Sprint people, who couldn't solve my phone problem (they did and I am now happy) and there was this family at Qdoba that I just absolutely hated.  They were so obnoxious and were in everyone's way and took forever to order, it wasn't good.

What I'm looking forward to? Getting everything we ordered for the nursery in.  I also found the perfect rug this weekend, so I am excited about getting that.  We are painting next weekend!!!!

Weekly Wisdom:  Nothing really.  I don't feel very insightful lately!!!!  I guess just happy that things are going smoothly!!!!!

Milestones: Moving forward (slowly) on the nursery!

Emotions: I am sooo happy that the pregnancy problems seem to be behind me!!!!



Dr. Appt

Blood Pressure- 100/60
Heart rate (Baby's)- 158

This one was pretty simple, just checking to make sure the uterus was in the right place (it is a little higher than average, but that just means I am a little ahead, rather than behind).

I am at a rotating practice and my doctor this time was AMAZING!!!  I love her and I hope I get her again!  She answered all of my questions . . . .

1. Is there anything I can do to try to prevent gestational diabetes?  No not really.
2. Why I am still getting sick?  She thinks it is drainage and allergies, I can't take Claritin, as it closes my throat up, so she suggested Zyrtec.
3. Should I be scared about my last three week weight gain?  As long as it isn't 2 pounds every week for the next 5+ weeks.  She says it can really start to yo-yo between weeks 20-32. 

Other than that we are good to go!!

Next appointment is Glucose testing  . . . . I am not looking forward to that!


  1. So exciting! Your baby bump is totally growing :) So cute! Glad to hear that the Dr.'s appointment went well - I'll be thinking of you for the gestational diabetes test. The orangey-drink that you hear about really isn't that bad... hopefully you'll get through it just fine :) So happy to hear that baby girl is doing well!

  2. My morning sickness has come back again this week...YUCKY! I'm glad everything went well at your appointment!

  3. You look great! And I love the name Avery :)

  4. You look so good! That's too bad about the sickness coming back and about the swollen feet! Don't sweat the glucose test. I did it today and the test itself is not a big deal whatsoever. The liquid tastes like the orange drink from mcdonalds if you ever had that when you were young.

  5. I am so happy to hear that everything is going well. You look adorable and I absolutely LOVE the name you picked out!

  6. my feet have been getting swollen on really hot days too, not fun! You look so great!!

  7. So glad to hear everything's going so well! Swollen feet and not sleeping suck though - I hope this gets better for you. You look fantastic - love the belly!

  8. Yay, rolling right along! Hey, I was getting a lot of headaches and sinus pressure through my whole 2nd tri, and the doctor told me to take sudafed. It worked like a charm, just a thought:).