Tuesday, May 24, 2011

22 Weeks

How Far Along? 22 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Pretty much all maternity.  I am REALLY caring up front.  From behind you can't tell any difference, so that is kind of forcing me to stick to maternity tops.

Weight Gain? I gained 3.5 pounds in the last two weeks.  Now I am just over 7 pounds gained total.  I think I am doing pretty good, since my doctor told me she likes when people are under 10 pounds gained up to 25 weeks (except for those under weight before their pregnancies, which is not me)!!!

Stretch Marks? I have not gotten any, the one from last week was just a line from my pants and me being paranoid.  My mom didn't get any and she gained 60 pounds with my brother, so I might get out of this one thing!

Sleep? Sleeping is getting a little worse.  I am grateful that I fall asleep so quickly, but I am having a harder time falling back asleep after bathroom breaks!

Best Moment of the Week? She is going wild in there and I can feel it so much now.  I can feel when it is a punch or kick versus her rolling around.  The rolling around is the craziest thing, it is such a weird feeling.  I like the movement, it is so reassuring.

Weirdest Comment: Nothing major, I just get told at least three times a day that I look REALLY pregnant.  That's ok, I like my bump!

Movement? She moves the most when she is hungry, or I am just moving.  As for the hungry thing I could be wrong, but usually I start to feel the movement when it has been awhile since I ate or snacked.

Gender? Girl, we will do a name post tomorrow!!!!!

What I miss? I am great this week.  I don't miss anything!!!!

Symptoms: I have been really itchy and not sleeping as well.  The only other big symptoms are my face is really broken out and I have pregnancy brain.  I am normally very on top of things, but I have just been missing little things or forgetting stuff that I never would have.  Also, I haven't gotten sick in 11 days!!!!  Amazing!!!!

What I'm looking forward to? Getting the nursery started!!!!!  We cleaned the garage this weekend and are going to finish that and then moving everything out of the room this weekend.  And I am hoping we can start doing some painting in there this weekend too!!!!!  Our crib, changing table, mattress, and dresser are all on the way!!!!!!

Weekly Wisdom: I try to not let myself get overwhelmed with "Am I doing everything right?"  I just remind myself that I am doing my best and that stressing about anything else is just hurting the baby.

Milestones: Buying the crib!

Emotions: I am getting really excited for everything that is coming!!



  1. oh wow! Look at that belly :) Can't wait to see the name post!!

  2. You are looking adorable! And YAY for not getting sick the last few days! I hope it stays away for good!

  3. I love it! You look adorable and I can tell you are feeling great! Such a wonderful time!