Tuesday, May 31, 2011

23 Weeks and a Doctor's Appointment

How Far Along? 23 weeks

Maternity Clothes? All maternity or flowy tops.  Summer makes it easier to not have to wear maternity tops!

Weight Gain? I gained 2 pounds last week.  Now I am just under 9 pounds gained total.  I am starting to freak out a bit, since I have gained 4 pounds in 3 weeks.  But as long as I don't gain 2 pounds a week from here on out, I will be fine.

Stretch Marks? Not yet!

Sleep? I am not sleeping well through the night.  I just can't get comfortable.

Best Moment of the Week? Seeing her move!  Ray was across the room and he saw my stomach move (a particularly hard kick).  I thought feeling it was cool, but seeing it is even more mesmerizing.

Weirdest Comment: Noting crazy.

Movement? She moves at about  8, noon, and at night when I lay down.  She also reminds me when I need to snack by going crazy and after Gatorade!

Gender? Girl, Avery!

What I miss? Nothing, doing pretty good this week.

Symptoms: Well the sickness is back.  It is an almost every morning thing.  I am not sleeping all that great.  After working in the garage this weekend in the heat, I looked like Fred Flintstone with my swollen feet!!  And I get minor backaches. 
Lastly, I have been crazy mean impatient person (not all the time, but pray it doesn't sprout up with you).  I got very hateful with the Sprint people, who couldn't solve my phone problem (they did and I am now happy) and there was this family at Qdoba that I just absolutely hated.  They were so obnoxious and were in everyone's way and took forever to order, it wasn't good.

What I'm looking forward to? Getting everything we ordered for the nursery in.  I also found the perfect rug this weekend, so I am excited about getting that.  We are painting next weekend!!!!

Weekly Wisdom:  Nothing really.  I don't feel very insightful lately!!!!  I guess just happy that things are going smoothly!!!!!

Milestones: Moving forward (slowly) on the nursery!

Emotions: I am sooo happy that the pregnancy problems seem to be behind me!!!!



Dr. Appt

Blood Pressure- 100/60
Heart rate (Baby's)- 158

This one was pretty simple, just checking to make sure the uterus was in the right place (it is a little higher than average, but that just means I am a little ahead, rather than behind).

I am at a rotating practice and my doctor this time was AMAZING!!!  I love her and I hope I get her again!  She answered all of my questions . . . .

1. Is there anything I can do to try to prevent gestational diabetes?  No not really.
2. Why I am still getting sick?  She thinks it is drainage and allergies, I can't take Claritin, as it closes my throat up, so she suggested Zyrtec.
3. Should I be scared about my last three week weight gain?  As long as it isn't 2 pounds every week for the next 5+ weeks.  She says it can really start to yo-yo between weeks 20-32. 

Other than that we are good to go!!

Next appointment is Glucose testing  . . . . I am not looking forward to that!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Progress and a Question

I am so excited to get this nursery done, but there is a lot of pre work to be done before we can get to the fun stuff.

We have a three bedroom house and the nursery has served as a second guest room/computer room.  The furniture that is in there is my stuff from when I was little and it is still in great condition.  So we had agreed, if it is a girl that we would save it for her once she outgrew her crib (which is a convertible, but we will probably not take it past the toddler bed). 

So now that we know it is a girl, we are having to make room in our garage for all of the stuff. 

And so begins the pre-work.  Last weekend we rearranged the garage (which has tons of space for storage, but we just through stuff out there haphazardly).  This weekend we went to Lowe's and bought the floating shelves, hooks, and standing shelves we decided we needed.  So far we have gotten the hooks and standing shelves done and everything organized.  My Dad would be so proud.

Ray is golfing now, but when he gets back we have to clean out the nursery closet and break down the furniture and put up the floating shelves.  It might be a long day in our garage, since the forecast is 90+ degrees.

BTW, Ray won't let me help with much if you are starting to get worried. 

Next weekend the more fun stuff starts . . .  we will be painting the room.  And then we will be able to put the crib, changing table, and dresser that have been ordered together.  I also found the perfect rug (let's hope it isn't too big once we get the furniture in) from Overstock.

And here is my question, does anyone have a recommendation for a nice nursery glider?  I want one that reclines and no ottoman.  Also, I don’t want the ones that are essentially a rocking chair with fabric wrapped around it.  It just doesn't fit what I am looking for.  I am having the hardest time finding anything I like for under $500 (and I am way to cheap to spend that on a recliner for the nursery).

Happy Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And her name is . . . .

Avery Rae Kasun!

I have always loved A names for little girls, but Ray never liked a single one.  So we have made many changes in the last few years.  For a long time we were going to name a girl Peyton, after my other true love Peyton Manning, but then remembered we live in Kentucky and thought about how that would sound with a heavy accent (which neither of us have, but the people she will grow up around do).  So we trashed that one.

We finally both loved the name Avery, here is what babynames.com says about Avery
The meaning of the name Avery is Elf Ruler
The origin of the name Avery is English
Alternate spellings: Averie
Notes: A form of Aubrey. Avery Schreiber, comedian. James Avery, actor.

For her middle name, we are following family tradition.  The girl's middle name is the feminine version of her father's name.  So my middle name is Danielle and my Dad's name is Daniel.  Therefore, Avery's middle name is Rae.

Though this is tradition, I actually really think Avery Rae sounds good together, but let's be honest, how often do people ever really use their middle name?

So there you have it . . . . ARK.

And if it was a boy he would have been Camden Charles Kasun (after the first baseball park we ever went to and my grandfather).

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

22 Weeks

How Far Along? 22 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Pretty much all maternity.  I am REALLY caring up front.  From behind you can't tell any difference, so that is kind of forcing me to stick to maternity tops.

Weight Gain? I gained 3.5 pounds in the last two weeks.  Now I am just over 7 pounds gained total.  I think I am doing pretty good, since my doctor told me she likes when people are under 10 pounds gained up to 25 weeks (except for those under weight before their pregnancies, which is not me)!!!

Stretch Marks? I have not gotten any, the one from last week was just a line from my pants and me being paranoid.  My mom didn't get any and she gained 60 pounds with my brother, so I might get out of this one thing!

Sleep? Sleeping is getting a little worse.  I am grateful that I fall asleep so quickly, but I am having a harder time falling back asleep after bathroom breaks!

Best Moment of the Week? She is going wild in there and I can feel it so much now.  I can feel when it is a punch or kick versus her rolling around.  The rolling around is the craziest thing, it is such a weird feeling.  I like the movement, it is so reassuring.

Weirdest Comment: Nothing major, I just get told at least three times a day that I look REALLY pregnant.  That's ok, I like my bump!

Movement? She moves the most when she is hungry, or I am just moving.  As for the hungry thing I could be wrong, but usually I start to feel the movement when it has been awhile since I ate or snacked.

Gender? Girl, we will do a name post tomorrow!!!!!

What I miss? I am great this week.  I don't miss anything!!!!

Symptoms: I have been really itchy and not sleeping as well.  The only other big symptoms are my face is really broken out and I have pregnancy brain.  I am normally very on top of things, but I have just been missing little things or forgetting stuff that I never would have.  Also, I haven't gotten sick in 11 days!!!!  Amazing!!!!

What I'm looking forward to? Getting the nursery started!!!!!  We cleaned the garage this weekend and are going to finish that and then moving everything out of the room this weekend.  And I am hoping we can start doing some painting in there this weekend too!!!!!  Our crib, changing table, mattress, and dresser are all on the way!!!!!!

Weekly Wisdom: I try to not let myself get overwhelmed with "Am I doing everything right?"  I just remind myself that I am doing my best and that stressing about anything else is just hurting the baby.

Milestones: Buying the crib!

Emotions: I am getting really excited for everything that is coming!!


Friday, May 20, 2011

21 Weeks

How Far Along? 21 weeks 3 days

Maternity Clothes? I am wearing all pants, but still doing ok with some of my regular tops.  Although the maternity ones are much more comfortable!!!!

Weight Gain? I am not sure, since I am not at home with my regular scale.  I will update next week.  But since I have been on vacation and had no stress and have been able to sleep in, I haven't been getting sick every morning!!!!  And I have been able to eat more, so there might be a decent jump next week!!

Stretch Marks? I think I have one on my leg, I am not sure??

Sleep? Pretty good!!!  I am REALLY enjoying sleeping in, I wish I could do it every day.  I sleep right through the morning sickness!!!

Best Moment of the Week? She is kicking and punching more and more.  People can feel it from the outside and it is so cool to share it with family!  Whenever I make a surprised noise, because she really gets me, Ray will immediately reach over and try to feel it!!

Weirdest Comment: Every morning my Mom has some kind of gem . . . . like Wow you look 7 months or Wow, you are big.  I know she means nothing by it, but still . . . .

Movement? She has really started going at it in there!  I can feel her rolling now, which is weird but cool.  This has been my favorite part of the pregnancy so far.  Though sometimes her movement is inconsistent and I start to get worried, but within an hour or two of that she gets going again!!

Gender? Girl, we will do a name post later!!!!!

What I miss? Since we are on vacation this week, I am missing alcohol.  It's funny because this is the first time I have missed it, but when everyone else is sitting on the deck on a warm night drinking wine and beer, you get a little resentful of your Gatorade.  But other than that, I am really enjoying being pregnant, especially this week, without being sick!!!!

Symptoms: My symptoms have been soooo much better this week!!!  I think just the added rest and non existence of stress, I have been feeling pretty great!!!  The only thing, is that I am really itchy. 

What I'm looking forward to? Getting the nursery started!!!!!  We will be clearing out the room this weekend and painting next weekend!!!!

Weekly Wisdom: Sleep works wonders for me, so if you can sleep in and take naps, do it.  It will make all most everything better!!!

Milestones: Buying the crib!

Emotions: I am getting really excited for everything that is coming!!

I will post next week.  I just haven't gotten around to taking the pic this week, since we are out of town!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Halfway There and a Dr.'s Appointment

How Far Along? 20 weeks

Maternity Clothes? I am loving them!!!  For anyone considering maternity leggings, they are great and I am sure I will love them more once the weather gets warmer!

Weight Gain? I gained 1 pound this week and now I am at a total of 5!  My doctor said that was perfect for me.  I had been concerned and I was so glad she addressed it before I even asked.  She said to aim for 20-25 pounds and that meant I can average 1 pound a week from here on out!!!

Stretch Marks? None so far!  I am checking every day though, because I have been really itchy.

Sleep? It seems to be getting better!!!  I am starting to get some pains in my hips so I have to move around a lot, but other than that this is the best I have slept so far!!!!

Best Moment of the Week? Two, finding out it is a girl and having Ray feel her kick!!!!  Both were awesome!!!  I have to say I all most enjoy the kicking more than finding out the gender.  Also, getting to celebrate Mother's Day on this side of things.  Ray got me a card and my Dad and Jean got me a beautiful frame that says "I Love My Mom" and a gift certificate for a mani pedi!!!!

Weirdest Comment: Nothing really crazy this week.

Movement? I have started to really feel it.  I feel it most in the morning and then when I am laying down in the evening.  I really like it, it just brings a smile to my face.  Right now they are just like little pops and don't hurt.

Gender? Girl, we will do a name post later!!!!!

What I miss? Nothing.  I am finally starting to truly enjoy being pregnant.

Symptoms: The worst part of the last week was that I had awful allergies.  My lymph nodes would swell up and make swallowing and eating really painful.  I couldn't breathe at night because of the stuffy nose.  And I was really itchy.  It seems as though this has improved over the past few days, thank goodness!!!!!  I am still getting sick once every morning, but it really isn't that bad, it is routine now.  I barf, then I eat my cereal and shower.

What I'm looking forward to? Getting to plan the nursery!!!!!

Weekly Wisdom: Nothing really, things seem to be pretty under control!

Milestones: Feeling HER move and finding out it is a girl!!!!!!!!  And Ray getting to feel her kick too!

Emotions: I cry over anything emotional and even stuff that isn't really that emotional.

Yay for the big bump!


Doctor's Appointment

Weight Gain- 3 pounds since last visit (it has been 5 weeks)
Blood Pressure- 94/56
Baby's Heartrate- 151
Ultrasound- great, everything checked out as normal.  She is about 1 ounce above average weight, so that is great!  She was moving around like crazy, so they were able to check everything out!!!
My doctor was pleased with my weight gain, which made me feel better.  She also said that everything looked good adn then we were done!!!  Easiest appointment yet!

Here are the ultrasound pictures . . .

This one is the "It's a girl"!!!  There are three lines, so apparently we don't need to be worried that it is a boy.

This one is a profile.

And that is one long leg!!!

Another profile.

Monday, May 9, 2011

It's a . . . . . . . .


It was fun to have my mom try to figure out what the mounds bar meant.  She said, "A girl, because she will have boobs?????"  Ironically my Dad said the same thing.

Either way it was funny!

Both my Dad and stepmom hadn't said anything about which they were hoping for, but they were both pretty obvious when we told them, that this was what they were hoping for.

The ultrasound tech was great, at the beginning of the appointment, she asked us which names we were thinking about and we told her.  She then went through everything and out of nowhere she said and there is a baby _____ (our chosen girl name).  It took all of us a while to put it together, but we were sooo excited. 

Ray said he has never seen my stepmom show so much emotion (she had four brothers, and three sons, so she was dying for a girl).

Also amazing news, that everything looked great!!!!!

I will post the ultrasound pics tomorrow!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

How the Gender Reveal Will Go

I have been trying to think of a cute way to reveal to my family the gender of this baby.  And my stepmom, Jean, had the best suggestion.

We will be giving out either Almond Joys or Mounds. . . . .get it?

Almond Joys have nuts, and Mounds don't!!!

Kinda corny, I know, but I love it and I am not patient enough to do the bakery icing thing.

So on Monday, we will be giving one or the other of the candy bars to my Dad to tell him, but I didn't want my mom to be left out completely, so this is what I sent her in the mail yesterday

 And this is what is in each package. 
So on Monday when (if, hopefully this is a non issue), I will call her and tell her which one to open.  And then let her figure it out.  The biggest issue with this plan is that my mom is a night owl and sleeps in, so I think she is going to have to set her alarm for this one!!!

I love this and I am so glad I thought of a way to involve my mom even though I can't tell her in person. 

It does make it hard to balance because one set of parents is always feeling left out, that's the hard part of divorce.

And all of the sudden yesterday I got this major realization type thing come over me that made me so sure that this baby is a boy.

I just can't seem to stick to one feeling and usually I am soooo decisive, I mean we have had out girl and boy names (first and middle) chosen for about a year and don't plan on changing them, so why am I so wishy washy about the gender?????

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

19 Weeks

Week 19

How Far Along? 19 weeks

Maternity Clothes? I just keep getting more stuff from people, thank you Sarah, Kristen and Renee!!!

Weight Gain? I gained two pounds this week, so we are at a total of 4 pounds gained!!!  I am still getting sick once each morning, but nothing more than that, so I am attributing the decrease in vomiting to the increase in weight!!

Stretch Marks? None so far!  I am checking every day though, because I have been really itchy.

Sleep? It is ok. It seems to be getting better!!!  I starting using the body pillow and I LOVE it.  It is getting a little crowded in the bed now, but it is worth it!!!  Also I have to be careful about rolling over two quickly at night, sometimes I do it too fast and ouch!!!

Best Moment of the Week? The countdown to finding out the gender!!!!  And my step mom Jean found a great way to do the gender reveal to my Dad!!!!

Weirdest Comment: Nothing really weird this week!  I have gotten a lot of comments about big I am getting but that is about it.  I guess the cop comments about the seat belt and how pregnant women shouldn't wear them????  By the way, I am absolutely not taking his advice.

Movement? I have really started to feel it!!!  It is so neat, just like little pops right now, nothing strong.

Gender? Less than one week!!!! I am happy either way, but I am a bit more hopeful for a girl.  I also think it is a girl (I am not sure if that is biased thinking though).

What I miss? Nothing really, maybe one good night's rest?

Symptoms: Itching has gotten pretty bad this week?  Also some pains in my lower abdomen.

What I'm looking forward to? Finding out the sex, I am ready to start shopping!!!!!!

Weekly Wisdom: When you wake up in the middle of the night and need to go pee, do it.  I went back to sleep this morning and then I was in sooo much pain once I finally went.  I guess I don't have a ton of room in there any more for a full bladder!

Milestones: Really starting to feel some good movement!  And it was nice to hear the heartbeat again, sad it was because we were in a car accident, but I am trying to be glass half full here!!!

AND I am starting to actually feel better and enjoy this pregnancy!!!

Emotions: Mostly just that I feel like I get overwhelmed more easily now.

It is getting HUGE!!!!!!!

I feel like this doesn't really show how big it looks.

Monday, May 2, 2011

One more week!!!

After such a long and dramatic weekend (my car accident and Sobe having to go to the pet ER), we are starting to relax again.

I am so looking forward to the next few weeks, we have some big things happening!!!

One week from today we will get to see our baby (on the ultrasound) and find out the gender!!!!  I am not thinking about the possibility that the baby might not cooperate.

I have a strong feeling that it is a girl, but I did have two dreams where it was a boy.

In terms of old wives tales, in pretty much every category, it says girl.

In two weeks we will be taking a much needed vacation!!!!!  We are going to visit my mom and step dad and we are both so excited, but honestly I think Ray is more excited than I am.  He has been wonderful taking care of EVERYTHING, but I think he is worn out.

He is ready to relax and go golfing and leave some of my neediness to my Mom!!!!

So let the countdown begin!!