Tuesday, April 19, 2011

17 Weeks

Week 17

How Far Along? 17 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yes, if I wear anything baggy I just look like I have the biggest beer gut ever, so instead, I embrace the bump and try to rock it!  I bought some maternity leggings, that I am SUPER about getting next week!!!

Weight Gain? I am up to a total of 3 pounds. I lost a little over a pound this week.  I got really sick on Wednesday and Thursday and I think that was the main reason, but I have gotten sick at least once almost every day this past week, so that can't help either.

Stretch Marks? None so far, my mom said she didn't get any, so I am hoping for that!!

Sleep? It is ok. My main sleep problem lately has been allergy related.  I have had really bad allergies lately and can't breathe well.  I woke up drooling like crazy the other night, due to sleeping with my mouth open!  And I apparently starting snoring (first time ever) on Friday night!!!

Best Moment of the Week? Catching myself in the mirror, because I haven't gotten used to my bump and then realizing, wow I am pregnant and getting further and further along!!!

Weirdest Comment: Someone asking me if I was sure I wasn't having twins (due to my huge stomach), that was a little awkward.

Movement? I think I felt something late last week.  It felt like little flutters, like butterflies.  I am ready to feel some good stuff, something I can be sure of as a baby movement!!

Gender? Less than three weeks!!!! I am happy either way, but I am a bit more hopeful for a girl.  I also think it is a girl (I am not sure if that is biased thinking though).

What I miss? I just feeling good. I rarely feel even 80% good anymore. 

Symptoms: Still lots of nausea.  And my patience is slowly diminishing, watch out!

What I'm looking forward to? Finding out the sex, getting a big bump, and feeling movement!

Weekly Wisdom: Not wisdom, but just a note, my belly button was a deep cave before this pregnancy.  It is amazing how shallow it has gotten in just a few weeks.  I know it's random, but man pregnancy changes EVERYTHING!!!!

Milestones: I don't know why, but the baby being the size of an onion is just amazing to me.  I don't care for avocados (last week's size) so that just didn't mean much to me, but God, onions can be huge!

Emotions: I am starting to think/worry about daycare.  We would prefer an in home daycare, but until Ray finds out which bank he will be working at, we have no ideas what hours we will need, so no point in really dealing with it now.



  1. How adorable! I think I am having a girl too but we will find out in about 3 weeks too!

  2. You're looking great! I love how you're rocking the maternity clothes. I would guess girl for you too - we'll see!

  3. Adorable. I can't wait to find out what sex you are having!

    Keep-up the updates!

  4. You look great! Can't wait to find out the gender :)

  5. So cute!!! You are really showing now, love it!!

  6. How have you only gained 3 pounds!?! I am so jealous. I think I've gained 5 and it really makes me want to vomit, but I'm dealing with it.

    And yes, you are right on the all day drinking event I have - there is NO WAY to handle that in this town on that day!