Tuesday, April 5, 2011

15 Weeks and A Dr.'s Appointment

So we have great news about the hematoma . . . . . it is shrinking!!!!
When I first laid down for my ultrasound, the tech said, I don't see it.  Well I had a small panic attach, because I thought she meant the baby.  But she quickly caught herself!!!
Apparently, my hematoma was about 12cm in mass, for those of you that are awful with metrics like I am , that is pretty darn big (check a ruler).  And now it is about 4cm in mass!!!!  So I was glad that I didn't freak out about the bleeding, since it was a good thing!
I am now on less restrictive restrictions, I still cannot clean (I'll take it) or do heavy exercise, I need to keep stair climbing to a minimum, but I can go on walks now!  It is getting nice and I am soooo happy with that.  I went on one this evening after work and wow, I could tell it has been almost two months since I did any real activity.
Here are the basic stats
Blood Pressure 100/60 (this might explain the falling into the wall this morning when I got up too quickly)
Weight Up a pound from two weeks ago
Heartbeat of Baby 155
Baby measuring 15 weeks 4 days
I don't go back until the anatomy scan at 20 weeks, so the countdown begins hurry up May 9th!!!
Here are the two god pics from today . . .

Week 15
How Far Along? 15 weeks (baby is measuring 15 weeks 4 days)

Maternity Clothes? YES.  I was going to try to hold out for a few more weeks, but (as you can see below) my stomach has popped and the Bella Band works in the morning, but by the afternoon, it is killing me.  I bloat a lot later in the day and though the Bella Band has been great, it just doesn't work at this point.  I am only wearing maternity pants, no need for shirts just yet!  They are comfy though!!!  I may wear them after the baby gets here!

Weight Gain? I am up to a total of 2 pounds.  I gained a few ounces this week.

Stretch Marks? None yet, I am going crazy with the lotion though!!
Sleep? Getting better!  Also, the doctor told me that my book is stupid and I can sleep on my back for as long as I am comfortable and have no worries!!!
Best Moment of the Week? Finally embracing my bump, I am wearing my regular shirts and it is pretty obvious that I am pregnant.  I am really happy that I just accepted I won't be that itty bitty cute pregnant lady.  I am just happy to be pregnant!
Weirdest Comment:  There is a very nice and well meaning guy where I work, but he is socially awkward sometimes.  So he stopped me and said wow, you are really starting to show.  I said thanks . . . .and then he said, so tell me, what was it like trying to get pregnant for so long?  I have been very open that it took us awhile to get here, so I am not surprised or upset he knows, but it was just odd how he phrased it.  And he is not married and is in his early 20's so I am doubting he has personally gone through it.  I hope it portrayed it well???

Movement? No, but other than finding out the sex, that is what I am most excited about!!!!!
Food Cravings? Soda, Cereal.  Nothing new. 

Gender? We didn't find out today :((( Our appointment is scheduled at 20 weeks, which is May 9th.  I am sad it is so far away, but I went for the 20 week mark, instead of 18, since my Dr. said they get a much better anatomy scan at 20 weeks. 

What I miss? Nothing really.  I would love to have a little more energy, but I could have said that for the last 10 years!
Symptoms: I get queasy feelings at night, and have acid reflux.  I am tired, but other than that, things are going great!!!!!!!! 
What I'm looking forward to? Finding out the sex, getting a big bump, and feeling movement!
Weekly Wisdom: Get out of bed slowly, otherwise you will fall into the wall.  I learned that the hard way.
Milestones:  A bump!!!!!!!

Emotions: I am crying pretty easily.  I cried at The Office proposal, I bawled with Meredith on Grey's Anatomy and that damn Folgers commercial still gets me.  Otherwise, I am feeling more like myself, and so much worried has been lifted off my shoulders, since my hemtoma is shrinking!!!!!
Somehow, the bathroom pics are making me look smaller than I am????  The pooch is definitely there!!!!  I may have to change locals?


  1. Maybe you have one of those wonderful mirrors that makes you look skinnier. If so, I'll trade with you!

  2. Hooray - all good news! I can see your little bump too - so cute :)

  3. YAYY!! Awesome news! I'm so glad!!! And you look great! So cute!

  4. How exciting!! Great u/s pictures, the baby is getting so big!

  5. Such great news! I am so happy that the hematoma is shrinking! Love your baby bump! Embrace it!

  6. Wonderful news that the hematoma is shrinking!!! They really do resolve on their own! And it sounds like everything is going so very well - so happy for you!

  7. Great news Kalyn! I'm so happy for you guys!

  8. Yay! This is so exciting! Keep enjoying this, it goes by SO fast. By the way, I wore maternity pants for a good few weeks after Addison was born, then I just desperately wanted to wear "real people" clothes again. I still can only fit into my "fat pants" :(. Beautiful baby you have in there:).

  9. That's awesome that it is getting smaller and that you are showing more! Yay for milestones!