Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bad News and Good News

So the bad news is that yesterday I was in a car accident.  Good news is that it was minor.

After work I was going to a baseball game with my friend Sarah from work.  We were going straight and a guy going the opposite direction thought he could turn left before we crossed the intersection . . . he couldn't.  Thanks to Sarah's great reaction the accident went from possibly being a T-Bone, to just hitting the front bumper and headlight on the passenger's side.  We were going pretty fast, but no one was hurt.

It was very odd though, after all the paperwork was wrapped up the cop gave Sarah and I a lecture about how pregnant people SHOULDN'T wear seatbelts.  He went on to talk about how seatbelts were like razor blades and cut people in half and that you should see what he has seen seatbetls do.  I was like REALLY . . . you are saying all this to two pregnant people who just got in a car accident????

Anyways, Sarah's doctor's had her go to the hospital and I thought I should call mine too.  They are sooo laid back, at first they said just go home and rest, but then on the way home I started having pretty bad cramps.  Everyday is different with pregnancy, so I had no idea if these were normal or cramps because of the accident.  We decided to go to the hospital (not the ER, but labor and delivery).

The nurse was awesome and we got straight in and she checked all of my vitals and the baby's heartbeat, which was 160.  So they kept me there just a little while to make sure that the cramps weren't contractions.  And then about two hours later we went home.

I am a little sore today (I don't know if that is from the accident, pregnancy, or just being stressed out).  Otherwise everything is fine.  I plan on having a very restful weekend.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

18 Weeks

Week 18

How Far Along? 18 weeks

Maternity Clothes? I love them, I just got my maternity leggings in the mail today!!!

Weight Gain? I lost just over a pound this week and so I am at a total weight gain of just under two pounds.  I just can't stop getting sick.  When I do feel good, I eat like a crazy person, trying to take advantage of the good times.  Check out the belly and you will see that the baby seems to be growing just fine.  I am going to ask my Dr. at the next appt, what I can do to gain more.

Stretch Marks? None so far!

Sleep? It is ok. It seems to be getting better!!!  I may start using the body pillow soon, as my hips are a little creaky in the morning!

Best Moment of the Week? Making it to 18 weeks.  You know how some things/numbers just stick with you as milestones, for some reason 18 weeks is that for me.  I just can't believe that I have gotten to this point!

Weirdest Comment: Nothing really weird this week!

Movement? I have been feeling small movements randomly this past week.  It's like little pops or hiccups in my stomach.  I feel it the most in the morning!

Gender? Less than two weeks!!!! I am happy either way, but I am a bit more hopeful for a girl.  I also think it is a girl (I am not sure if that is biased thinking though).

What I miss? Nothing really, I guess I do miss feta cheese, I LOVE feta. 

Symptoms: Still lots of nausea.  Lots of cramping in my lower abdomen (making room).

What I'm looking forward to? Finding out the sex, I am ready to start shopping!!!!!!

Weekly Wisdom: Don't eat too much in one sitting, it will be painful later that day/night.  I have learned to feel bad for people with chronic heartburn and acid reflux, it does really hurt.  I am so glad that I don't regularly struggle with that!!

Milestones: Again, 18 weeks just seems soooo far along to me!!!!

Emotions: Other than tired, I am feeling pretty good.  I have lost some of my patience and toned down the control freak thing, so that is a change for me.

It is getting HUGE!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

17 Weeks

Week 17

How Far Along? 17 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yes, if I wear anything baggy I just look like I have the biggest beer gut ever, so instead, I embrace the bump and try to rock it!  I bought some maternity leggings, that I am SUPER about getting next week!!!

Weight Gain? I am up to a total of 3 pounds. I lost a little over a pound this week.  I got really sick on Wednesday and Thursday and I think that was the main reason, but I have gotten sick at least once almost every day this past week, so that can't help either.

Stretch Marks? None so far, my mom said she didn't get any, so I am hoping for that!!

Sleep? It is ok. My main sleep problem lately has been allergy related.  I have had really bad allergies lately and can't breathe well.  I woke up drooling like crazy the other night, due to sleeping with my mouth open!  And I apparently starting snoring (first time ever) on Friday night!!!

Best Moment of the Week? Catching myself in the mirror, because I haven't gotten used to my bump and then realizing, wow I am pregnant and getting further and further along!!!

Weirdest Comment: Someone asking me if I was sure I wasn't having twins (due to my huge stomach), that was a little awkward.

Movement? I think I felt something late last week.  It felt like little flutters, like butterflies.  I am ready to feel some good stuff, something I can be sure of as a baby movement!!

Gender? Less than three weeks!!!! I am happy either way, but I am a bit more hopeful for a girl.  I also think it is a girl (I am not sure if that is biased thinking though).

What I miss? I just feeling good. I rarely feel even 80% good anymore. 

Symptoms: Still lots of nausea.  And my patience is slowly diminishing, watch out!

What I'm looking forward to? Finding out the sex, getting a big bump, and feeling movement!

Weekly Wisdom: Not wisdom, but just a note, my belly button was a deep cave before this pregnancy.  It is amazing how shallow it has gotten in just a few weeks.  I know it's random, but man pregnancy changes EVERYTHING!!!!

Milestones: I don't know why, but the baby being the size of an onion is just amazing to me.  I don't care for avocados (last week's size) so that just didn't mean much to me, but God, onions can be huge!

Emotions: I am starting to think/worry about daycare.  We would prefer an in home daycare, but until Ray finds out which bank he will be working at, we have no ideas what hours we will need, so no point in really dealing with it now.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

16 Weeks

Week 16

How Far Along? 16 weeks (baby is measuring 16 weeks 4 days)

Maternity Clothes? YES. I am actually loving wearing them. They are so much more comfortable, and why not? My friend Sarah gave me some and another friend Kristen gave me a HUGE tub to borrow. It's like having a whole new wardrobe, now I just need some leggings!

Weight Gain? I am up to a total of 4 pounds. I gained 2 pounds this week.

Stretch Marks? None yet, I am going crazy with the lotion though!! I thought I had one, but it was my appendectomy scar.

Sleep? It is ok. Some night's are great, some nights I lay awake after my 2:30 potty break.

Best Moment of the Week? Knowing my hematoma is shrinking and I can go for walks!  Also, my mom got me the diaper bag I really wanted for my birthday!!!!  It is a Ju Ju Be All and it is amazing!!

Weirdest Comment: I can't think of anything weird this week.

Movement? No, but I have had a lot of cramping, so not sure what that is about, I guess just growing.
Food Cravings? Seriously, nothing tastes as good as it used to, except Diet Coke. I literally plan out my Diet Coke consumption. I try to limit it, due to caffeine, but truly it is my happy thing.

Gender? Less than four weeks!!!!

What I miss? I just miss waking up feeling good. I get up every morning and struggle not to get sick. I failed twice this week and I missed a good friend's wedding on Saturday because I woke up at 6:00am and was sick all day. In the end, it is absolutely worth it, but I do miss feeling normal in the mornings especially.

Symptoms: The exhaustion is improving!!! I have aches in my legs and back? My skin is still awful. And still nauseous, but otherwise much better than two months ago!!!

What I'm looking forward to? Finding out the sex, getting a big bump, and feeling movement!

Weekly Wisdom: Eat as quickly as possible in the morning, any delay and GAME OVER!
Milestones: A bump, it is really growing!!!!!!!!

Emotions: I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now, but I think that is mostly due to having a lot on my plate at work.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's my birthday

Let me start this by saying, I am not a huge birthday person, never have been.  But infertility definitely added to that.  Last year was the worst birthday I have ever had.

We had been trying for a year with no success, and not just that, only one person knew we were trying, so I also had very little support.  My husband, who is awesome, wasn't even all that there for me.  I think he didn't know what to do or say.  He also thought I was worrying too easily and too quickly.

So last year I cried a lot, removed my birthday from Facebook (since that is how everyone relies on remembering birthdays), and basically boycotted my birthday entirely.

I really don't care about getting older, that's not my issue, I don't like having high expectations of a day and then it not being everything I had hoped for.  And that is compounded by IF.  Birthdays were just one more anniversary of not having what you want most.

This year I have a much more positive outlook (I still don't really care for birthdays), but I am not crying or brooding.  I am grateful.  I am grateful that I am having a baby.  I am grateful that I feel the support of this struggle with the people I have now shared it with (friends and family) and nmost importantly you all.

This blog has been a godsend for me.  I have four brothers and no sisters.  My mom was MIA (emotionally) for a few years after my parents divorced (7th grade through 11th).  So I am not great with women in general and especially not sharing my feelings.  So it has been sooooo nice to have people I can feel comfortable with who I can share my true thoughts and feelings and be ok with being vulnerable around them.

So I want to thank all of you and say that this has been the best present over the last year and thank you for being a part of it!!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

15 Weeks and A Dr.'s Appointment

So we have great news about the hematoma . . . . . it is shrinking!!!!
When I first laid down for my ultrasound, the tech said, I don't see it.  Well I had a small panic attach, because I thought she meant the baby.  But she quickly caught herself!!!
Apparently, my hematoma was about 12cm in mass, for those of you that are awful with metrics like I am , that is pretty darn big (check a ruler).  And now it is about 4cm in mass!!!!  So I was glad that I didn't freak out about the bleeding, since it was a good thing!
I am now on less restrictive restrictions, I still cannot clean (I'll take it) or do heavy exercise, I need to keep stair climbing to a minimum, but I can go on walks now!  It is getting nice and I am soooo happy with that.  I went on one this evening after work and wow, I could tell it has been almost two months since I did any real activity.
Here are the basic stats
Blood Pressure 100/60 (this might explain the falling into the wall this morning when I got up too quickly)
Weight Up a pound from two weeks ago
Heartbeat of Baby 155
Baby measuring 15 weeks 4 days
I don't go back until the anatomy scan at 20 weeks, so the countdown begins hurry up May 9th!!!
Here are the two god pics from today . . .

Week 15
How Far Along? 15 weeks (baby is measuring 15 weeks 4 days)

Maternity Clothes? YES.  I was going to try to hold out for a few more weeks, but (as you can see below) my stomach has popped and the Bella Band works in the morning, but by the afternoon, it is killing me.  I bloat a lot later in the day and though the Bella Band has been great, it just doesn't work at this point.  I am only wearing maternity pants, no need for shirts just yet!  They are comfy though!!!  I may wear them after the baby gets here!

Weight Gain? I am up to a total of 2 pounds.  I gained a few ounces this week.

Stretch Marks? None yet, I am going crazy with the lotion though!!
Sleep? Getting better!  Also, the doctor told me that my book is stupid and I can sleep on my back for as long as I am comfortable and have no worries!!!
Best Moment of the Week? Finally embracing my bump, I am wearing my regular shirts and it is pretty obvious that I am pregnant.  I am really happy that I just accepted I won't be that itty bitty cute pregnant lady.  I am just happy to be pregnant!
Weirdest Comment:  There is a very nice and well meaning guy where I work, but he is socially awkward sometimes.  So he stopped me and said wow, you are really starting to show.  I said thanks . . . .and then he said, so tell me, what was it like trying to get pregnant for so long?  I have been very open that it took us awhile to get here, so I am not surprised or upset he knows, but it was just odd how he phrased it.  And he is not married and is in his early 20's so I am doubting he has personally gone through it.  I hope it portrayed it well???

Movement? No, but other than finding out the sex, that is what I am most excited about!!!!!
Food Cravings? Soda, Cereal.  Nothing new. 

Gender? We didn't find out today :((( Our appointment is scheduled at 20 weeks, which is May 9th.  I am sad it is so far away, but I went for the 20 week mark, instead of 18, since my Dr. said they get a much better anatomy scan at 20 weeks. 

What I miss? Nothing really.  I would love to have a little more energy, but I could have said that for the last 10 years!
Symptoms: I get queasy feelings at night, and have acid reflux.  I am tired, but other than that, things are going great!!!!!!!! 
What I'm looking forward to? Finding out the sex, getting a big bump, and feeling movement!
Weekly Wisdom: Get out of bed slowly, otherwise you will fall into the wall.  I learned that the hard way.
Milestones:  A bump!!!!!!!

Emotions: I am crying pretty easily.  I cried at The Office proposal, I bawled with Meredith on Grey's Anatomy and that damn Folgers commercial still gets me.  Otherwise, I am feeling more like myself, and so much worried has been lifted off my shoulders, since my hemtoma is shrinking!!!!!
Somehow, the bathroom pics are making me look smaller than I am????  The pooch is definitely there!!!!  I may have to change locals?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bleeding, but not worried about it (too much)

So I am spotting, but here is the good news . . . .
-it is dark brown
-there isn't a lot like last time
-there isn't a lot of cramping

My doctor's have told me this would happen.  In fact, they have been surprised at each visit when I tell them that no, I haven't had any spotting.

The last time I went in, the doctor told me that of course I could call them at any time, but that I shouldn't feel like I have to or worry too much if it is light spotting and dark brown blood.

So I am not going to worry, and there is no huge need to call them, since I am going in on Tuesday morning to get an ultrasound and be checked by the doctor.

If anything, I am slightly relieved, this might just mean my hematoma is dissolving!!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and GO Bulldogs, this is our year to win the championship!