Friday, March 25, 2011

We are growing

I am growing a baby and a hematoma!

Good news, the baby is still measuring 4 days ahead (which it always has).  And the baby was moving like crazy, so another good thing (especially with the hematoma).
Bad news, the hematoma is also growing.  In some dimensions, it has shrunk, in others it has grown.  The overall mass is slightly larger than two weeks ago.

So I will be back at the doctor's office in a little less than two weeks for my semi monthly ultrasound.  My doctor told me I am going to be spoiled and if I have another kid I will probably freak out from only getting two ultrasounds.  She would be right, but we are only having one!!!

So I asked a ton of questions, but overall she said it is not that big of a deal as long as
1. the baby is growing
2. the baby is moving
3. the fluid is measuring well

And all of them were. 

I am still on restrictions and can't do just about anything, but if it means that my baby will be healthy than so be it!!!  And I will take any excuse not to clean!!!!  (She specifically said no cleaning, too much bending and straining)!!!

Other stats,
no weight gain
good blood pressure 110/64

Here are a few pictures
(they are not as good, because it was a regular tummy ultrasound this time!

 The baby has gotten so long!
What a big head!

 It's amazing how defined the fingers are!
The legs are so long and skinny!

Overall, I am so happy with the visit!  I am hoping that maybe next time I won't be so nervous before the appointment.

Thanks for all of your comments and support!


  1. Wonderful news about the baby! I love the pictures - it's so amazing how great the pics are now!!!

    And that sucks about the hematoma, that it is still growing. I've read a bunch about it too, and it sounds like what you were told - it may not impact anything, but you'll be on restrictions until it resolves. And I wouldn't mind the ultrasounds either! Thanks so much for providing me with info and being so supportive!

  2. So glad to hear that your appointment went well. Sounds like the baby is doing wonderfully. Take care and rest a lot!

  3. Whew! So glad everything is ok!!

  4. Yay! That is a cute baby you have there:). Being nervous is normal, I didn't stop being terrified of every OB visit until after 20 weeks. Try to just enjoy this special time, it goes by fast - pretty soon that big head will be coming out of you know where, screaming like crazy...and won't stop for months, lol! I'm so happy for you!!

  5. Aww what a cute lil babe! I'm so happy that things are looking good, but I wish you didn't have to worry about the hematoma at all. :-( I'll continue to keep you in my prayers!

  6. Look at that baby! So glad he/she is growing! I am sad to hear the hematoma has grown, but keep your faith, sister. Hopefully it stops growing and ends up not even being an issue. Your babe is strong - he/she can outgrow it!