Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Please Help

Please take a moment and sign the petition below.  This petition is to ask Ethiopia to reconsider slowing down their American adoptions.  There are two blog friends I have that this impacts tremendously.  Both of them have their referrals (are matched) and are just waiting to get through the court process and take their babies home.  As of now their babies are going to be in orphan inches in shared cribs for up to another full year.

Petition Link
I have no idea if this will help, but if there is a chance it will, I am confident it will be worth your time.

Please be thinking of and/or sending prayers to Team Myers and My Two Lines.  They are both in adoption limbo.


  1. Signed! My heart goes out to those ladies and their babies :-( So sad.

  2. Signed! Oh this has to be so scary to be in adoption limbo...