Monday, March 7, 2011

Busy Week

If all goes well at my appointment this Friday, we are going to begin to tell more people about our great news!  I am very excited about this, as it has been hard to keep something so exciting secret!

At that time, I will also start referring people to our new blog "The Kasun Family"  Not that I will stop posting here, because I won't, but I am saying all this so you can follow the new blog as well if you would like to.  The new blog will focus less on IF, and more on our family.  Not that IF isn't a part of it and not that it won't be addressed, but it will be more of a update/pictures type of thing.


Also, I am so excited because my mom and stepdad are coming into town on Thursday

I am taking Friday off and have two appointments that day!  9:30 is our ultrasound to check and make sure that the hemtoma is shrinking.  And at 1:00 we have my doctor check up and the heartbeat!  We had to get them spread out, because the ultrasound was scheduled weeks after the doctor visit, due to the surprise hematoma.

It works out though, because my Mom and I will go to the 9:30 appointment and she will get to see the ultrasound and then we will grab breakfast and get in some shopping and then meet Ray and go back for the heartbeat.

Though we had the ultrasound, she measured the heartbeat, but we didn't get to hear it.  So this really will be a first!!!

I am a little worried about wearing myself out this weekend though, because Mom and Ed are go kinda people, which I normally love, but I am a little worried.  Mostly, because I am exhausted by 8:00 and usually require a nap on the weekends.  I also have to eat early, which is not like them, if we eat by 8:00 (my new bedtime) it is a miracle.  Again, I normally love that, but I don't think preggo tummy will appreciate that.

I will update with details from the weekend and the appointments soon!


  1. Just explain to them- I'm sure they will understand! Good luck Friday- I hope everything checks out perfectly!

  2. Sounds like a great Friday! Enjoy hearing the heartbeat!

  3. How exciting!!! It's the best thing ever hearing the heartbeat...I cried! :-) Enjoy!

  4. Oh how exciting to hear the heartbeat - enjoy!!!