Tuesday, March 29, 2011

14 Weeks

Now that I am feeling better overall, the time is flying by!
How Far Along? 14 weeks 1 day (baby is measuring 14 weeks 5 days)

Maternity Clothes? no, but my stomach has grown?  It has grown higher than where I know the baby is, so I am thinking that maybe my stomach muscles are just stretched a bit and now my stomach pouches out???  Since Sunday I have been wearing my beBand with my button undone and it has been fine!!! 

Weight Gain? I have gained just under two pounds this week.  I think it is because I am actually eating dinner about every other night and I have only gotten sick three times this week!!!  So overall I have gained about a pound and a half through this pregnancy.

Stretch Marks? None yet, I am going crazy with the lotion though!!
Sleep? Not good.  I have weird dreams and have to pee at least four times a night and I pretty much don't fall asleep after my 4:30 pee break.  I blame myself for that though, because that's when I start planning out things like the nursery and trying to figure out daycare (clearly things that can't wait until normal hours).
Best Moment of the Week? Starting to feel a little bump.  I can actually look in the mirror now and tell that I am pregnant!  Also, my alma mater going to the Final Four for the second year in a row . . . .go Butler!!!!
Weirdest Comment:  I went to a Bachelorette party on Saturday (I just went for the dinner part, no crazy bars for me) but when we were waiting for our table at the bar and I ordered a Diet Coke the bartender called me a pansy, the girl next to me, goes "she's pregnant".  You should have seen the look on his face!!!  I understand that he saw I was with a Bachelorette party and that's why he said it, but I bet he won't do that again!!!

Movement? No, but other than finding out the sex, that is what I am most excited about!!!!!
Food Cravings? Soda, Cereal and tuna fish sandwiches from subway (I only eat half of a 6 inch once a week)!!!

Gender? We will know in a few short weeks!!!

What I miss? Not much, other than sleep!  I do still sneak in naps every weekend though!!!
Symptoms: Morning sickness, sore boobs, dizziness, greasy skin (I have never had great skin, but now it is GREASY), exhaustion and lots of peeing.
What I'm looking forward to? Finding out the sex, getting a big bump, and feeling movement!
Weekly Wisdom: When your body tells you to relax, don't fight it.  I nap once a day on the weekends and I need it!!!!!
Milestones: 2nd Trimester!!!!!!!!!

Emotions: I am struggling with the new pouch, I am sooo happy it's there, but I just had a minor freak out that it went from nothing to decent size in one week.  Also, I am feeling bloated greasy and broken out.  So though I am thrilled about this pregnancy and will endure just about anything for these next few months, it is a struggle to not feel a little bad about yourself (especially with all of my crazy emotions going).
I will post tonight!!


  1. Yeah - 2nd trimester! This is wonderful!!! So glad to hear everything's going so well. I hear you on the weekly wisdom - you're a smart girl!

  2. I hope your ms goes away now that you are in your second trimester! Post a picture soon!

  3. Well, hello, 2nd tri! I loved the 2nd tri! Your belly is growing up higher because your baby is growing and pushing the other organs up to where they don't normally reside, so that is what you are seeing and feeling. And the loss of sleep...well, what's sleep again:)?! I haven't experienced that in quite awhile!

    How amazing was it to be the pg one at the party and have other people announcing it to the world?! I never got used to that, it always made my heart skip a beat:).

    Keep on enjoying this - the bump is so great, so don't let it freak you out:). And I can tell you, I got no stretch marks on my belly, NONE. It IS possible:). Looking forward to the pic!

  4. I am starting to feel better too, although I got sick again this morning...I have noticed my belly getting bigger up higher too...its so nice to have someone to compare symptoms with!

  5. Yay for 14 weeks! You will soon pass the pouch stage and will be full on bump stage. You will feel better then I promise, although you may never get used to continuously getting bigger. Cereal is a big one for me too!