Friday, January 14, 2011

Wow, it has been a LONG week

Sorry it has been so long since I posted!  I have been sick since Saturday and work has been really busy!  I am also sorry for not commenting as much, the last four nights I have come home at 7:30, made dinner, ate, and then drowned myself in NyQuil

I did get some major things accomplished this week though!
1. Picked a new GP, and set up physicals for DH and I
2. Set up my annual (isn't it funny how that doesn't phase me anymore, now that I have had all kinds of people and things up there???? TMI, sorry)
3. I set up our 1st appt with an RE!~!!!!!!!!!

I am really excited about going to the RE.  So far we have been at this for 18 months and no answers.  I am looking forward to showing him my charts and seeing if he can find issues that maybe my OBGYN missed???

I am also excited because I have learned to tell the receptionist/nurses not to file an insurance claim, because neither of our insurance's will pay anything.  However this one said that the initial visit they don't file it as IF, so it will be my specialist copay . . . . .$20!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our appt is on 2.9.11.  I have consulted Dr. Google after receiving copies of my file and nothing is standing out.  The only thing that they comment on as a little abnormal is how thick my lining is.  Ironically, when I used to get ultrasounds (I had a cyst burst 5 years ago) they would make me take a pregnancy test, because it was so thick.

So if anyone knows about any issues that arise from having a thick lining, please let me know!!!

On a side note, I want to wish lots of luck and baby dust to the following wonderful ladies . . . Lisa B, Krista,  and Still a Guest Room.

I also want to congratulate Katie on her and her hubby on their decision to adopt!!!  I think sometimes I don't remember to celebrate and wish luck to those on the adoption journey because the dates and steps aren't as predictable as those during an IUI or IVF.  So yay for you Katie!

Lastly, I am excited for me.  I am 48 minutes away from starting a three day weekend with DH!!!


  1. Good luck with your RE appt- I hope they can help!!

  2. You are too sweet!!!! I am excited that you are starting with an RE...hopefully they can give you some answers.

  3. So sorry you are sick - hope you are feeling much better soon! I do believe an RE will be a huge relief for you - they see so much more than OB/Gyns usually do. Good luck with that! And enjoy that 3 day weekend:)!

  4. Go into that RE appointment and let them evaluate everything. I wouldn't show them a chart unless they ask. Mine didn't want to see anything he just wanted to do his testing, gather info and then he met with us and we had a plan :) Try to not speculate or get yourself worried. Just let these wonderful, caring and compassionate Dr's do what they do best.

    I wish you well and I KNOW your miracle is just around the corner. You will feel so empowered with an RE. Great move on your part. My OB got me nowhere over the course of almost 2 years and my RE got us pregnant via IUI :)

    Loads of Baby Dust to you

  5. I am so excited to be off work for three days! Today was a doozy and I need the sleep.
    Good luck with your consult! I am going to one on the 3rd!

  6. Good advice Andrea, thanks ladies!!!

  7. Sorry you've been sick! I hope you are on the mend! I'm SOOOO excited for your first RE appt! Woot! Thanks for the support - you're a doll!!

  8. So excited for your RE appointment. I'm very interested to hear what he has to say. And enjoy your long weekend!