Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This and That

This week has been crazy, getting back to work and wrapping up the holidays!

I am kind of glad it is over.  Being the Type A person that I am I like routine and normalcy.

I have been doing well on eating better (not great, since I don't like vegetables).  But on the active front, the only really active thing I have made time for is BD. 

This month might be a throwaway, because I didn't get a chance to OPK and BD like we normally do, due to my parents being here.  We have this great new bed, but for some reason it makes a TON of noise and I just don't feel comfortable with the noise with my parents across the hall. . . . should I just grow up? 

Anyways, nothing new and exciting to report, but thought I would check in!

For those of you in the midst of IUI and IVF this month (and there are alot of you), I am thinking of you!!!


  1. Sorry you didn't get in much BD! I think I would be too nervous or embarrassed if family were visiting :) Good luck to you!

  2. LOL about the bed. I am the same way with my parents, though my mom apparently doesn't share those sentiments. She likes to tell me too much sometimes, LOL. I know we're all grown ups, but they are STILL my parents. Good luck this month! Praying for a nice surprise for you!

  3. I wouldn't feel comfortable BDing in a noisy bed with my parents across the hall, either! But I'm hoping for a nice result to this more laid-back cycle for you!!! :)

  4. I would feel the same way. How uncomfortable.

  5. Ha, I would have a hard time in a noisy bed, too. And I think the sex thing is, unfortunately, so common with IF. I didin't really want to after ovulation either.

    I hope 2011 is your miracle year!!! xoxo

    PS- Thanks for the DC suggestions :)