Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Slight Breakdown

So I know that my title is a bit of an oxy-moron, however it is true.

Last week I was really sick, really tired (from being really sick), really busy (so I couldn't take a day off to rest up), and PMSing.  Sounds like a good combo, right?

Well it was.  And all of those things contributed to my minor breakdown. 

Oddly, IF played no role.  I tested at dpo10, which I never do that early, but I wanted to be sure so I didn't feel so guilty about drugging myself up.  So with an insanely dark control line, I went on my merry way consuming every decongestant I could get my hands on.  The BFN actually was a bit of a relief at the time (again no guilt about the drugs) and no worries about that for the rest of the week.

Back to the breakdown.  I was REALLY frustrated about a new person we hired.  I shouldn't get into it, but I just felt undervalued and felt that way for the other employees as well. 

I know it is stupid, but I don't cry when I am sad or my feelings are hurt (only when I hear sappy songs or that damn Foldgers commercial gets me going), but I cry when I am angry.  And then I get more angry that I am crying.  So that is about how Friday ended.  I did manage to drop a vacation request for "a mental health day" on Monday on my bosses' desk before I left though.

I took the weekend to cool down and try to get some perspective. 

I can gladly say that I start this four day work week with a much more clear head (literally and metaphorically speaking)  thanks to the mental health day and the Netti Pot!!!

I hope everyone has a great week.


  1. ((hugs)) Good for you for taking a day off! I hope you are feeling much better!!

  2. Yay for mental health days! And that Folgers commercial gets me too.

  3. Good for you! Happy Wednesday!

  4. Oh that sucks! I know how frutrating work can be - to the point of tears!

    I'm very glad you're feeling better this week...

  5. Sorry you've been sick. :( You're half-way through the week now!

  6. I hope you are feeling better. I think everyone has days like those. Take care of yourself and remember to work your own Project Happy.