Friday, January 21, 2011

I have written this post three times now

I am having a hard time writing this post, not because I am not excited, but because I know that as much as we root for each other sometimes hearing people get their BFP is hard.

I am super excited to say that I have finally gotten mine!!!!!!!!

A month ago I was sure our IF journey would result in adoption (and we may still chose to adopt), but it is amazing how one month can change things.

I tested and got a BFN on cd26, so I am not sure why I decided to test again on Wednesday (the day I was supposed to get my period).  My boobs were a little sore (nothing really out of the ordinary) but I had been really gassy and burpy . . .so I POAS and HOLY SHIT it came up positive!  The second line wasn't super dark, but it was clearly there.

Unfortunately, I was SO shocked by this that I didn't have a clever way of telling my husband . . .I just screamed "come in here, I think I am losing my mind".

So when I had no idea what to do next . .  . I had spent 19 months trying to get pregnant, I had completely blanked on what to do once you thought you were.

So I called my friend and asked her.  I then sent Ray out to the store to get the good, non Internet bought EPT that clearly says pregnant or not pregnant.  I peed on one when he got back and "Pregnant".  I did it again the next morning, same answer.  It didn't matter that I had three positives, I still didn't believe it.  So I went to get the blood test that afternoon and I got the call today.  Pregnant!!!!!

Don't get me wrong I am SOOOO happy, but I feel like I am in shock.  I have spent so much time trying not to let myself get hurt that I am struggling with celebrating this.

It is slowly sinking in and I loved it when Ray called me his baby's momma last night.

Also I cried when he said good night to me and then good night to poppyseed (since that is the size of the baby).

I am so thrilled, but just a little unsure and anxious.  And I still obsessively check for blood every time I go to the bathroom (which is a lot recently).

I can't wait to post on what happens throughout this pregnancy!  I will still be following each of you and rooting for each of you, but I understand if you need to stop following this blog or don't comment anymore.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my God- congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you!!

  2. Oh, this is SO AWESOME!!! Congrats, hun!!! The anxiety is normal - welcome to pregnancy, girl:). I can't wait to follow your story:).

  3. This is so, so exciting!!!!! Congratulations, and I will definitely keep following!

  4. CONGRATS honey! I AM SOOOO happy for you!!!!!

  5. YAY!!!! Congratulations!!! :) :) :)

  6. Wow, congratulations!

  7. That's amazing news! I'm almost in tears just reading about your news! I'll be thinking about/praying for you throughout this whole process. I can't wait to read about how your pregnancy progresses!

  8. Thanks so much ladies! I really appreciate the support!

  9. Oh wow - this is so exciting!!! Congratulations!

  10. Stopping by from ICLW :)

    Congrats - such exciting news!! It's the BFP you've been waiting for :) Relax and take care of your new little one!

  11. SO very Happy for you! I remember when I got my BFP I was in utter disbelief that our IUI actually worked. My Doctor was all smiles and I just sat there and he asked what was wrong and I told him it was surreal...he laughed and told me to prepare for our baby :) It was really happening. Now at almost 26 weeks I still don't believe we've come this far. Like you, I'm still anxious, but continue to thank GOD for our miracle.

    Many Blessings and Prayers Always

  12. OMG! I totally must have blinked and missed something! Holy cow! CONGRATS :) :) :) So exciting!!! Cant wait to follow your pregnancy..I'm not going anywhere...still rooting for you and baby!! :)