Sunday, December 5, 2010

Random Things

So a few random things today!!! 

First, I wanted to show you all pictures of my company's Christmas Party.  It was fun and everything I had hoped it would be.  Part of the reason I wanted to show it to you is because I planned the whole thing and I am really proud of how it turned out!  Here are some of my pre party pictures!

This place is essentially bare before you decorate it, so it was amazing to see it come together!

This is the dinner area.

 This is the club section around the dance floor!

 More seating around the dance floor.

 Some of the food, this is the setup for the mashed potato bar!

More of the dinner area!

The DJ setup, the TVs played music videos and  showed the crowd dancing as well.

This is the cocktail area!

This is the bar setup area, it's hard to see, but the liquors we were serving are showcased.

This is the bar area!

 More of the stage for the DJ, this guy is awesome, we have to fly him in, because our companies' owner loves him so much!

A view from the dance floor!

 A picture of Hubs and I.  I wish we had gotten a full length one, because I have such a cute dress, but oh well!

 We always get a hotel room for the party.  Partially, so we can drink and not worry about driving and partially because I have to go check on the setup so many times on the day of the party!  Here are the views from our room!

This is the new arena that was just built, pretty cool looking!
Another random note, it snowed here all weekend and I LOVE IT!!!!!  I like the snow, especially when it is on the ground but the streets are still safe to drive.  Here is a picture of our house covered in snow.  I think snow makes everything look prettier!

Another random note, since I am trying not to make this blog ALL about IF.  I love the NFL, I also love Fantasy Football.  Just a few random things, so that this is not just a sad blog.

Of course I can't blog with at least an update on the IF front. 
This is our last natural cycle for a while.  In January we are going to start 3 unmonitored Clomid cycles.  I still have to get the script from my OBGYN, but she suggested it earlier when she took bloodwork at the wrong time, so I don't think she is against it.  Then if that doesn't work I am hoping to start IUIs.  The hubs isn't 100% on board with that yet (he is with the IUI, but not the timing).

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I am praying for all of you that are trying for your holiday miracle.  We will find out how our last natural cycle goes by the 22nd.  I am a little worried about that.  I don't want to invest too much in this cycle and be sad.disappointed at Christmas (my FAVORITE holiday).  I guess we will see.


  1. The party looked amazing, is your career in party planning? If not you sure do have a talent for it. I love your house it is so adorable!

  2. No, I am the Human Resources Manager, and the party planning falls to me! It is really helpful that the party is our owner's favorite thing in the world and gives me a HUGE budget!
    Thanks though!

  3. The party looked beautiful! I work for a very small nonprofit, so a party like that is a foreign idea to me:)! Wish I could have attended yours! lol!

    Hey, i have some unsolicited advice...take it or leave it:). I would stay away from unmonitored Clomid cycles. Clomid is the kind of thing you want monitored very closely. Because you should only do 6 cycles in a row max on it, you want every one to count. And depending on how it is working, the dose may need to be increased, or you may need a different drug altogether (like femara). And you don't know how it's working if you don't get it monitored and see how many follicles you have, if it is thinning your lining too much, etc. I also would recommend the trigger (HCG) shot to time your intercourse - makes it a WHOLE lot easier because you can time your ovulation within 36 hours. And the HCG boosts fertility, too. Just a couple of thoughts from a Clomid veteran:). I hope this helps! And good luck!

  4. I love the party pictures - I'm so impressed with your mad skills!

  5. The party looks like it was AWESOME! Cute pic of you and the hubs. Best of luck with Clomid!! I'm excited for you!

  6. Hey Hun,

    To answer your question, you have to do a trigger shot on a monitored cycle because you want to make sure the follicles are ready and your lining is ready before triggering. Again, hope this helps. Email me anytime: if you think I could be helpful! Oh, and thanks for nominating me for the award:). Sorry things got so crazy here with Jax that I couldn't follow through, but I really appreciated it:)....

    Good luck again!

  7. You're not going to believe this...we live in the same city! Too funny.

  8. I know! What are the chances? I saw that you posted a pic of the Frazier Museum a few weeks back and I thought to myself, "there must be more than one of those." Guess not. Well, we'll have to discuss doctors and all that when we get there!