Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last Chance in 2010

This cycle has been a weird one. 

I tested positive on my OPK (I am very lucky, I have never had a problem with that) on cd15 (I all most always ovulate on day 15 or 16).

We BDed like crazy.  For the last year we have tried the every other day thing, but then I decided to go back to the every day or twice a day routine.

My 2ww has followed my typical symptoms pretty closely.  But the weird thing is that they are the same symptoms, just A LOT stronger.  I have had cramping, TONS of gas (gross I know), super tired, and a really sore back.

I am not getting my hopes up (ok, I lied, I always get my hopes up), but it has been weird.

This cycle has so much more riding on it.  It is Christmastime (I should know for sure on 12.20.10) and I will get to see my Mom at the end of the month.  Wouldn't it be amazing to tell her in person?????

This will mark our second Christmas of trying for a baby.  I know compared to some it is not very long at all.  It's just that we don't have any answers . . . that and the fact that my DH hasn't bought into trying IUI, because technically there is nothing wrong (that we know of).  And in some ways, I agree with him.

I guess I just feel like we are another year in, $3000 less in our savings, and truly no closer to baby.

So yes, I do have my hopes up and I feel pretty sure that we will have the same result.

I am going to test on Saturday 12dpo.  I think it will be better to get my answer then.  I know it is only two days later, but Monday is the same week as Christmas and I just don't want potential bad news that close to my favorite holiday.

I am hoping and praying that someone in IF land gets their Christmas miracle!


  1. Good luck Kalyn! I hope you get your Christmas BFP! And if that doesn't happen, I really hope you get some answers soon!

  2. Fingers crossed, hun! You ARE closer to your baby, you just can't see the path ahead of you to know that...have faith:).

  3. I have everything crossed for you - I really hope this is it for you! BD'ing like crazy... sounds fun! :)

  4. I'm praying you get your Christmas miracle of a BFP and if not, then I pray that your hubby will soon "buy into" the IUI idea.
    This, too, is our second Christmas ttc and it doesn't seem to get any easier, does it?

  5. Oh good luck! I will have my IUI before Christmas, but I won't know. It will be hard to not know this time around when there is so much riding on this cycle.
    Fingers crossed for us both!

  6. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!

  7. Loads of Baby Dust coming your way! Your little miracle is near, and never lose sight of that. My journey was not easy, but through IUI it did work out :) I'm praying you don't have to do IUI, but know that if you do, it's an easy process physically.

    Praying for you

  8. Good luck!!! I am rooting for you! :)

  9. Thanks ladies, I am so grateful for such supportive Bloggie friends!!!!
    I am praying and keeping fingers crossed for each of you as well!