Monday, November 29, 2010


A few things that I have been up to lately . . . . .

Shopping Online, I LOVE Cyber Monday!

Working, we have been very busy lately (which is a good thing)

Pondering an unmonitored medicated cycle.

Getting ready for our company's Christmas Party, we go ALL out!  This year we are having it at a museum that will be decorated to look like a club!  I have my dress and figured out how I am doing my hair, so now I am ready to go!

                    Photo Courtesy of The Frazier Museum

I also have my friend's church's Christmas Tea, which I love!  Here are some pictures from last year's candy dreams theme, this year it will be Charles Dickens (I am soooo excited), I will post pics this weekend!

                   My Picture from Last Year, Amazing Isn't It?

These are some of our decorations!

And listening to Christmas music!  Unfortunately this morning they were playing that Wham Christmas song on the radio and I still have not been able to get it out of my head!


  1. Yay for positive, fun stuff!!!

  2. Hey, you have been "picked"...come and see my blog as to what it's about. :-)

  3. Love it all! Christmas time is so much fun! I was going to tell you I nominated you for the "Cherry on Top" award, but looks like Lisa beat me to the punch. Oh well, consider yourself doubly nominated. :)

  4. Thanks to you both! I absolutely see why you both were nominated as well!