Sunday, November 21, 2010

November ICLW

Welcome to anyone who is reading this for ICLW.  I have only been blogging for about 6 weeks or so, but have been reading IF blogs for about six months now!

I realized how helpful reading blogs have been, so I decided to start writing one!

Here is a short version of our story. . . . .

DH and I dated for five years (exactly) before getting married on 5.12.07.  We wanted to enjoy marriage, focus on careers, travel and have fun before TTC. 

We started in July of 2009 (we waited until after our annual DMB concert).  Now 17 cycles later we are still trying.  We have been through the basic tests, blood work, ultrasounds, two SAs, HSG, and a visit with the Urologist.  So far nothing. 

Our plan is to have DH test for DNA Fragmentation and take male pre-natals.  We will probably try Clomid in January and February and if nothing then, do IUI in April or May.

That's about it!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. blogging is very theraputic.

    best of luck to you :)

    iclw #22

  2. Hi - just stopping by from ICLW. Good luck with everything, and I hope you enjoy the blogging!

    Lou (ICLW #102)

  3. Welcome, I can't wait to follow your blog. I noticed your TTC list of costs and I wouldn't even want to start counting mine. I hope your journey is short and sweet!

  4. Hello :) SO happy that you are now joining us in the blogging world by starting your very own blog. I can not even tell you how therapeutic it has been for me while dealing with the up hill battles of infertility.

    If I can offer you some encouragement, hang in there, as the journey is taxing, but always remember "you are not traveling alone". Lean on your blog sisters along the way.

    Sending you many hugs, lots of love and tons of baby dust.

    ps look forward to following you

  5. I am curious about the DNA fragmentation test. It was suggested to us by the urologist a year and a half ago, but he didn't really seem to think it was important. He just kind of mentioned it as "the only thing left" he would even do. What does it check specifically?

  6. Katie, our urologist said that it is pretty rare, but that he wouldn't suggest people do IUI or Ivf until they check that. He said that if there is fragmentation, ART wouldn't really have a chance of working. I have to call him tomorrow to see which one we do exactly, but he said you just order the kit online, they send it to you and you send it back. They will send the results to your urologist.
    The check is if there is or isn't fragmentation, if there is, it means that you can't get pregnant or sustain it for more than a few days because the DNA in the sperm is broken and won't mesh with the DNA in your egg.
    I will let you know which one he suggests.

  7. Here from ICLW :) Best of luck going forward. I'll keep checking to see how your IUI went. Sticky baby dust and pregnant thoughts in your direction.

  8. Here for ICLW! Hoping the Clomid or IUI do the trick for you. Blogging was my savior while we were TTC.

  9. Hi there! I am new to the blogging world, too, and have found it keeps me from ripping my hair out. We are on the same timeline. I'm having an ovulation issue and expect to be on clomid by March assuming my eggs remain stubborn and inflexible. Looking forward to getting to know you!

  10. Nice to meet you. This is such a great community. Stop on over to Parenthood for Me.

  11. Stopping in for ICLW. You might check out a few of my most recent posts - I was gearing up for IUI #3 when I got a blow from a chiropractor that something "else" might be wrong. Long story short I am starting acupuncture. You might look into it and see if that might help you as well. Good luck in your journey!

    ICLW #37