Saturday, November 13, 2010

My lack of willpower

We have had a nice few weeks of nothing on the IF front (in terms of tests or appointments).  But on Thursday we are going to the urologist.  I am excited about finding out more about DH's spermies.  There isn't all that much on information on high viscosity sperm.  The main things I have seen are that you just have to do an IUI or use Mucinex.

Yes, we did try Mucinex this cycle and we are in the 2ww.  I remember when this first started and I would hear the crazy things people had tried and thought, they are out of their minds.  Well I am now one of those people!!!! 

Mucinex is meant to thin out mucus in the body, so some forums online say their doctor recommended it?  I have no idea, but it can't hurt?

As for the 2ww, I have gotten calmer about this over the last 1.5 years and tried not to read into everything.  I typically have ALL of the symptoms of PMS (cramping, sore boobs, feisty attitude, fatigue, and emotional) so it is really reason to fall into the trap of thinking I am PG.  I have learned to ignore it. 

However, I have had one out of the ordinary symptom this cycle.  On CD 19 or 3dpo, I burst into tears at the dentist's office.  Like I said I can be emotional when PMSing, but I normally don't get emotional until a couple of days before my period, not this early.  And it was for no reason!  I don't like the dentist in general, I have "soft enamel" so no matter what I do, I always have cavities (emphasis on the multiple).  Anyways, I do hate the dentist, but not so much that I cry in public. 

I am not a crier (except at movies) and I NEVER cry in front of people (except Ray).  So the fact that I was crying over a cleaning is a little weird.  I was so upset, that I didn't even go back to work, I just took the day off.  And the hardest part about it all, was a coworker asked why I didn't come back and I just felt like I should be honest with her and tell her I broke down at the dentist's office and I still don't know why.  I asked her if she ever had that happen.  She said only once, when she was pregnant. 

Well there goes all of my willpower to not get my hopes up this go around.  I can probably POAS as early as Saturday, but I am going to try not to! 

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  1. Don't you hate that even when you are at your best, your calmest, you are still over-analyzing everything? TTC and IF can make you feel like you have gone crazy! I hope that newest symptom is just that, your first and most exciting pregnancy system:).