Monday, November 1, 2010

A little more of our background

As promised, this is a little bit more detail of the steps we have taken so far.

Our first doctor's appt was with my OB.  I really like the practice, everyone is helpful and they have everything there, since it is attached to a hospital.  We just went in and talked.  She said it didn't sound like there were any obvious problems, or anything that she could immediately identify as a problem. 

She moves fast, by the end of that appt we had scheduled an HSG, a SA, and blood work and an u/s. 

The 1st thing was my HSG, I was really nervous because so many had said that this was a very painful procedure.  I took three Alleve before the procedure.  It was NOT painful, a little crampy and uncomfortable, but nothing bad.  Like I told the nurse, the most uncomfortable part of the whole thing was the INSANELY large pad they made me wear.  Hopefully this is not TMI, but I only wear thongs and did so that day, which left me with this huge pad that kept sticking to my jeans as I was walking.  I felt like I was walking like a duck!

The doctor was really nice and showed me all of the x-rays and said that the only problem was that there was an adhesion at the front of my uterus.  He said he was having a hard time getting to my uterus, so he could only imagine that it would be difficult for the sperm to as well.  He scraped that away and I left all good.

Four days later Ray did his analysis.  He is so wonderful, he didn't complain or even act weird about this.  I kept asking him, how do you feel about this (because I had heard about men who weren't open to this at all) and he kept saying this is so much less worse than what you have been having to go through.  He said if this is what it takes for us to have a baby then I can go do my business.  He did say he would not touch any of the magazines there!!!!!

Next I had my internal and external u/s.  She said everything looked ok.  I had my blood work at the same time.  This is when there was an issue, because I had just ovulated two days earlier and you aren't supposed to test for progesterone until 7dpo.  I went back a week and a half later and everything was fine.

Ray had to go have another SA done, because his viscosity came back high.  His second analysis came back with the same results.  We are going to a urologist on 11.18.10 and we will see from there.

I think we will have some big decisions to make at that point!

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