Thursday, November 18, 2010

Great News . . . No not PG

We had a GREAT visit with the urologist today, other than the fact he was an hour and fifteen minutes late!

Before we get into any of the info, I have to include the pictures we took while waiting for him (we were bored and amused/frightened of these things).

This is what we first noticed, alot of unwrapped condoms!!!  We just kept trying to think of what in God's name those would be used for?????

We got our answer after more exploring . . . and boredom.

What that glove is covering is a rectal probe ultrasound thing.  DH was a little concerned, to say the least. 

Thank goodness they did not use it on him, but seeing that thing puts the vaginal ultrasound into perspective.

So back to the news of the appt.  The doctor was great!  He came in and started the appointment with saying you will be my easiest appt today!

We then went over the two semen analysis and Ray is above average in all categories (in a good way).  The doctor said there is no concern.  He explained that the viscosity should not prevent us from getting pregnant. 

He suggested Ray get his DNA Fragmentation tested, anyone else done this?  It is pretty easy, it's an at home kit where you swab your saliva and send it in.  It's about $150 and he said well worth, because if they find that it is, that will have a major impact on getting pregnant, even with an IUI.

We are also putting Ray on a 6 month supply of "male pre natal vitamins". 

So essentially the doctor told us we can keep trying on our own or try an IUI.  He said that based on what we have found from our testing (both mine and Ray's) there should be nothing stopping us from getting pregnant.  He also said he really thinks we should try awhile longer or do a couple of IUI's before doing lap.

So, for now, no new info!  We are just going to keep trying and decide on when we want to do IUI.

QUESTION- When is too early to POAS?  Is it bad if my willpower will only let me make it to 13dpo?


  1. First, congratulations on a great semen analysis!!!

    Secondly, is that glove giving us the middle finger?

    And finally, I'd be super proud of you if you made it to 13dpo, considering I can never make it past 7 :/

  2. Hahaha, thanks and yes the glove is giving us the finger!!!!

    Ok, good, sometimes I think I am crazy for not just waiting to get AF (since I clearly always do)!

  3. Congrats - good news!!! My dh went on a BUNCH of vitamins/supplements for his sperm count, and we got pregnant twice after that, so I'm a huge believer. Hope all this works for ya' and SOON! And 13dpo is not so bad:). Go for it!!!

  4. Here from ICLW. I say 13dpo is amazing will power. I never lasted that long and actually got our BFP at 11!