Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Going to see the Urologist Tomorrow

I am excited about moving to the next step of this process.  I want to see the results of both of DH's SA and talk to the doctor about what they mean.  My Dr. said he has high viscosity, but she isn't that aware of that term for SA.  I haven't found a ton of info on it either.  I also don't know how High it is and if it also had a high liquefaction time????

This time around, I don't know much of anything . . . I also don't know what to expect.  Is he going to run tests, tell Ray to take certain vitamins, tell us to go ahead and do IUI?

So here is my question for anyone reading this, what do you expect during a visit with a urologist and what questions should you ask?

This is what I have so far . . .
1. Can you please give me copies of the results of the SA?
2. What do the results mean in terms of increased difficulty in getting PG on our own?
3. What can we do to improve it?
4. What are the next steps?

Thanks for any advice you may give!

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  1. Great list of questions! Good luck! Make them explain the results of the SA too bc they are REALLy hard to understand and we didn't really know what everything meant until we went on to the RE, I guess the Urologist just pointed out what HE thought was important, lol. Nothing was crazy bad, but it still would have been nice to know more about what they meant. Thinking of you!