Sunday, October 31, 2010

Let me introduce myself

After lurking for about 6 months I have decided to become more open about what we are experiencing.  I am 27 and my husband Ray is 30.  We were married about 3 and one half years ago and just wanted to have fun and travel for awhile.

In July 2009 we decided to start TTC.  I really didn't think it would take that long.  All of my friends got pregnant one try or two (and sometimes unplanned).  I was conceived on the first try and my brother was totally unplanned and she got pregnant with him when I was only 5 months old.

At first we were having fun with it, but didn't tell anyone, because we did not want the pressure.  I would get all of these symptoms during the 2ww, but now I realize that is just because I never paid attention to my body during that time period before.

After about 4 months in, I started to do research and POAS.  I found that I ovulated on CD15 and my cycle was between 29 and 31 days.

After about 8 months I wanted to plan (I am a HUGE planner, part of why I struggle with IF) our 1st appt with my OB to see what we needed to do.  I wanted to go in after 12 months and Ray wanted to wait until 15 months.  I had a total breakdown (which I don't do often, at least not before this) and we decided to go in at 13 months.

That was September 29th (and the day couldn't come fast enough) and since then we have had the following
-blood work (on me) good
-exam (on me) good
-u/s (on me) good
-more blood work (on me) not good, but more about that later
-an HSG (on me) good and it really didn't hurt that bad
-2 semen analysis (on Ray) not great

Ray's SA shows good on everything but he has high viscosity, meaning that his semen is too thick.  After about 20 minutes semen is supposed to become more watery and his stays very much like molasses.  Essentially this makes it hard for the sperm to swim and do its job.

BTW, the blood work of mine that was bad was actually fine.  My doctor said I wasn't ovulating due to low progesterone, but that is because she took my blood on CD18 when I ovulated on CD16.  So I went back and had it done on CD25 and we were fine.

In my next post I will give a little more back story as to these steps so far.

I am so glad to be able to put all of these thoughts and emotions somewhere, thanks for reading!